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Katherine Philips

No description

Sarah Wood

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Katherine Philips

Katherine Philips
Katherine Philips:
Born Katherine Fowler in 1631

Her mother remarried after her father's death.

Her Step-father married her off young.

She was a member of the "Society of Friendship"
"The Matchless Orinda"
"The English Sapho"

Lived to see two of her books in print.
La Mort De Pompee
Poems by the Incomparible Mrs. K.P.

She was seen as safe to read - an antidote for Aphra Behn
She was a royalist with a puritan family.

Her husband plotted against the king under Cromwell

She and her husband were saved by Charles II's Master of Ceremonies' interest in her friend.
Her Struggles:
A married state affords but little ease
The best of husbands are so hard to please.
This in wives’ careful faces you may spell
Though they dissemble their misfortunes well.
A virgin state is crowned with much content;
It’s always happy as it’s innocent.
No blustering husbands to create your fears;
No pangs of childbirth to extort your tears;
No children’s cries for to offend your ears;
Few worldly crosses to distract your prayers:
Thus are you freed from all the cares that do
Attend on matrimony and a husband too.
Therefore Madam, be advised by me
Turn, turn apostate to love’s levity,
Suppress wild nature if she dare rebel.
There’s no such thing as leading apes in hell.
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