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Looking at the Math

No description

Britnie Powell

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Looking at the Math

Box Plots
Choosing a Graph to Show Measures of Center
1. Go to learnzillion.com
2. Enter the code LZ3793 in any search field.
3. Watch the video clip.
Graph our Data
Dot Plots
A Dot Plot is a simple plot on a number line where each dot represents a piece of data in the data set.
Statistical vs. Not Statistical
Looking at the Math:

Dot Plots
Using everyone's Dawn, baby shampoo, and any other bubble data you are interested in, build a histogram, dot plot, and box plot of the data found at http://padlet.com/britniepowell/bubbledata
Answers to statistical questions can be
numerical and categorical.

Data can be organized into a table or graph.

*Dot Plots
*Box Plots

Tables and graphs help us analyze data. We can use measures of center, and observe variation in order to draw conclusions.

A statistical question generates a variety of answers over a population. Non-statistical questions are typically those with only one answer.
Histograms show the frequency of continuous data using intervals on the number line. This means that each bar represents a range of data.
Go to this link and watch video until it stops. http://study.com/academy/lesson/creating-and-interpreting-histograms.html
You do not need to sign up for the site when it asks you to do so. You can then close the video.
1. Go to learnzillion.com
2. Enter the code LZ3790 in any search field
3. Watch the video clip.

A Box Plot shows the distribution in a number line by dividing the data into quartiles.
1. Go to learnzillion.com
2. Enter the code LZ3792 in any search field,
3. Watch the video clip.

Steps to Creating a Box Plot
1. Write the data in order from least to greatest.
2. Draw a horizontal number line with equal intervals.
3. Find the median and mark on the number line.
4. Find the median of the upper quartile and mark it on the number line.
5. Find the median of the lower quartile and mark it.
6. Mark the minimum on the number line.
7. Mark the maximum on the number line.
8. Draw a box between the lower quartile and the upper quartile.
9. Draw a "whisker" from the lower quartile to the lower extreme and a "whisker" from the upper quartile to the upper extreme.

Post your graphs at: http://padlet.com/britniepowell/bubblehistogramsdotplotsboxplots
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