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Airport Security Department

No description

kholod alsafar

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Airport Security Department

Welcome On Board !

Airport Security Department
Mission Statement
Department Objectives:
What we do
Airport Security Operations Center (ASOC)
Contract responsibilities
Man guarding airport airside/landside boundaries/tunnels/FM facilities/catering

Passenger security search facilitation (loading of bags into X-Ray/offloading of bags from X-Ray)
Kerbside Security facilitation (prevention of unattended vehicles)

Airport contracted security (24/7)
What are we working on?

To build a team of highly trained security
operations staff, that serves the airport by delivering an up to date, integrated and tactical security plan with clearly defined concepts of operations that align to our group strategy and the regulatory guidelines. This plan will serve to mitigate defined risk and provide a quality service to our passengers, the wider airport and airline community and our control authorities

Ensure protection and safeguarding of passengers, crew, ground personnel, general public, aircraft and facilities against acts of unlawful interference.
Define HIA security scope based on security environment and operational need.
Invest our people through training, coaching and performance management.
Manage the growth of our team in a planned and responsible way in coordination with Qatar Airways Group.
Creating a
eview cycle of security operations and audit in order to deliver performance excellence.
Deliver innovative, efficient and continuous airport services.

The ASOC is a joint operations center. MOI and airport security teams will work together to provide the focal point for command and control, communications, specialized technologies, information collection, assessment, analysis, and allocation of all airport security operations resources under non-emergency and emergency conditions.
Monitor of access control system (ACS) and CCTV related to passenger terminal complex it’s concourses airfield facilities and perimeter, landside operations, terminal roadways and public parking
Report of alarms & events operational processes, passenger processing issues as well as airport staff activities
As of today we deploy 815 Contractor staff working 24/7 in Hamad International Airport

Enhanced airside inspection

Guarding critical doors , AS/LS doors

Assisting MOI at staff & passenger security screening

Landside reception center, assisting stake holders with asset
Terminal patrols, managing kerbside & assisting MOI traffic police at departure & arrival curbside
Airside and landside perimeter patrols

Issuing LAG’s bag at departures
Landside vehicle check point

Programme of Work
North node expansion -2022 vision
CCTV development programme
Construction projects security interface (Q-Rail) ex.airport boundary changes as a result of Q-Rail, HIA Facilities, minor projects in FM,NDIA e.g.US gates for concourses D and E
SeMS and Quality Assurance
IATA Smart Security Programme
Nationalization Graduate Development programme
DIA Decommissioning
Airport Security programme,
Airport security SOP’s, 3rd party security deployment plan
Who We Work With
Why we Do it
International Legislation
Philip JonathanBamber
Senior Security Manager
Mobile: 33768523
Office: 44656785
Airport Security Department Organisational chart
Gabor Toth
Manager Security Systems and Hardware
Mobile: 66789861

David Pendlebury
Manager Facilities and Support
Mobile : 50657764
Email dpendlebury@qatarairlines.com.qa
Thank You
Terminal patrols, managing curbside & assisting MOI traffic police at departure & arrival curbside.
Airside and landside perimeter patrols.
Enhanced airside inspection.
Guarding critical doors , AS/LS doors.
Assisting MOI at staff & passenger security screening.
Assisting MOI at goods screening & vehicle check point airside.
Landside reception center, assisting stakeholders with asset move process.
Issuing LAG’s bag at departures.
Landside vehicle check point.
Monitor unattended articles.
Conducting quality assurance.
Emergency Response and Contingency Planning
Airport Pass Office
Saeed Yousif Alsulaiti
VP Security
Mobile: 66124318
Office: 40181540
Email: salsulaiti@qatarairways.com.qa
Manager quality Assurance
Compliance and Audit
Senior Manager Pass Office
The future for Airport Security
- Closer coordination and cooperation between the State forces (MOI) and other government bodies operating in HIA

- Review the airport emergency plans relating to security with all airport stakeholders to ensure all parties are prepared in the event of an incident occurring at HIA

- Development of passenger processing with the use of advanced technologies and carefully designed environment to increase operational effectiveness

- Establishing local security teams to perform specific security and quality assurance tasks that would replace the externally hired security service providers.
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