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Globalization and Street Style

No description

Charlcie Baker

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Globalization and Street Style

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Charlcie Baker, Christina Kim, Dena Nasir Globalization and Street Style
Street style
Hip-hop street style Globalization Dissolve borders around the world.

“The function of globalization is to minimize the differences between culture for the greater good of capitalism.” –Rodger W. Norman, blogger Street Style “Street fashion is said to have emerged from the streets. It has what is said to be grassroots in the youth culture of the most recent decade. Street fashion is not specific to one type of dressing, but instead covers a host of different styles, all unique in the fact that they were created and styled by the young people who favor them.”
Janis Adams, "What Is Street Style?" Street Style and Globalization
in harmony Will Welch, "Too Self Aware"
"Street style hasn’t really suffered globalization — it was born that way."
The Internet is meant to be used to share information, and inspire style around the world. "If street style is suffering from
anything, it's its own popularity." "Too Self Aware" cont'd
“Suddenly the most influencential images weren’t created by designers, editors, or brand name photographers. They were created by no names with a digital camera.”

Will Welch, "Yo, Your 'Street Style' Is Buggin'"
"It was fresh, it was democratic, it was inspired. But now it just feels lame." Yo, Your "Street Style" Is
Buggin' “When the street-style trend went nuclear, all the accidental "Who, me?" unselfconsciousness that once made it so fresh was tainted. The streets became the runway.” Key Terms LookBook.nu Professional-looking images created and posted by "normal" people that are intentional and over-styled. What's really buggin' Welch? "What everyone quickly learned
is that the best way to get noticed
is to go over the top-- to identify
every trend and pile them all on
at once." Street Style and Globalization
in opposition Valerie Steele, "The Homogenization Effect"
"Globalization has contributed to the homogenization of street style, as young people around the world acquire more of their clothes from international fast fashion emporia, like Zara and Forever 21."
versus Welch,“The fact that both have access to Ralph Lauren and Uniqlo isn’t the point.” Steele references great moments
in street style, highlighting how
they are individual and localized. "Lolita" style in Tokyo Punk style in London Case Study: Hip-hop style Kim Hastreiter, "True Style Defies Globalization"
The South Bronx, late 1970's: “They would dress in ways that not so subtly commented in wealthy white society with great humor and irony, riffing on their status symbols in hilarious ways. Huge gold Mercedes-Benz logos were worn as pendants on thick gold chains dangling on top of a Harvard University sweatshirt with a super-preppy L.L. Bean-style puffy down vest thrown over it, accessorized with studious horn rimmed glasses (with no glasses in them) and white Adidas sneakers laced loosely with extreme exaggerated thick laces” "Hip hop fashion, with its origins in street fashion, has now translated itself into a multi-billion dollar industry. While now considered an iconic style, it still continues to be a statement of the music culture from which it originated. Hip hop street clothing emerged from the African American urban movement and filtered into the music industry and was worn by many well-known recognized athletes."
-Janis Adams, "What Is Street Style?" Appropriation and
Meaning Kim Hastreiter:
Hip-hop street style originated as a critique of wealthy white society and was then was appropriated by high fashion and globalization to symbolize the wealth its founders did not have access to. Discussion Questions Do you believe that street style is appropriated by globalization similarly to how the nameplate necklace was appropriated in Minh-Phams article? Do you think that street style is “born” from globalization or that it has been homogenized by globalization? How do you think globalization has affects Hip-Hop Street Style? Do you think that the roots of Hip Hop style are still identifiable even after appropriation? images selected by Welch to illustrate "lame" over-stylization
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