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No description

Taylor Wight

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Test

Design Manufacture Evaluate Learn Stronger Machinable 18 hours of machining time! Check for clearances with surrounding bodies. Use the waterjet when possible!
Could have saved ~12 hours 1 minor collision ~20 hrs Machining Prioritize! Round contacting corners
+ 2hrs machining time Only hit 25%
of the tolerances Visualize the process: tool/material holders may be needed. Quick Release Buyer beware NOT CRITICAL At what point is a component not functional? Machined in stages Critical dimension: Bearing fit boring head:
dial it in! Sloppy machining begets sloppy solution imminent impact! "at the end of my rope" Great success! Get a grip! Richard: "... our part BROKE!"
David: "...oh.. that sucks." Think your components through their whole life cycle! Or else it'll "suck" ! Is slop in the bearings tolerable? In our case it was. Designed for quick release Motor Mount All done on a mill Designed for simple
manufacture One Dimension Underconstrained Solution If you don't want it to move
Don't let it! Battery Mount 5x stronger! 1/8" End Mill
1/2" Deep Cut 2 Parts Wrong = 16 h machine Time
2 Broke End Mills Prevent Bending Base Plate Leave Room Leave Room BAD! 87% Dimensions Hit Machining Sliding Bolt Drive Train Another Dimension Underconstrained Define Limits
Torque Simple Parts Measurements Initial design Final Product 125° fits
128° does not 0.1" Check dimensions
while machining! Installation 125 degrees still fits
128 degrees does not Tensioner Beware of overtolerancing 9 h machine time More time
Designing = Less time
Machining Flanges Size Reduced Quick Fix Oversight = Inexperience + Judgment Manufacturing Methods Set Screws
Overheating Quick Release
Belt with Tensioner
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