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Mai Li Kross

No description

a c

on 24 December 2013

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Transcript of Mai Li Kross

Mai Li Kross
Your pharmacy family will never forget you!
The world couldn't have lost a kinder person. I can't remember a time where Mai Kross wasn't smiling. She was cheerful, inviting, and the most hilarious actor in our little pharmacy school videos. She will be dearly missed and I give her friends and family my sincere condolences and best wishes
Mai Li, I will forever miss your never-ending generosity, bright smile, and quiet grace. I will miss our conversations about Pinterest, the pros and cons of color-coded notes, and the outrageousness of the Vampire Diaries. But most of all I will miss your friendship, because there could be no better friend in the world than you.
"I enjoyed our trips to Newport to grab Mo's chowder, watching the Beavers play football in the rain, watching the Blazers beat everyone and numerous pharmacy study days in the library.
You were such a caring friend and it always shined through your eyes and in your creative photos and artwork. It is hard to say goodbye but I'm glad you are smiling again from above. I hope you enjoyed that candy cane I gave you the last time we saw each other."
"Mai Li, I will miss your beautiful and genuine smile. I can always count on you for that. You will be missed but never forgotten. Forever the Class of 2015, you will always be apart of. " - Brianna Wang
"Mai Li, you had such a beautiful soul that will forever live on and you have touched all of our hearts. I will never forget that sweet contagious smile of yours. My heart breaks for your family and close friends. May you rest in peace."
Mai Li you're a special soul. Your life was devoted to kindness, art, and healing. You are one of the most generous and selfless people I've ever met, and a beacon of beauty and grace. Your life may have been short, but it was infinitely touching to those who knew you. - Chris
"Mai Li, we looked to you as our knowledgeable compounding student pharmacist. You wore a smile every day we saw each other, were kind every time we spoke, and I will always remember you in this way..."
Mai Li, you have the most beautiful and warmest smile I have seen. We have been blessed to have shared the past three years together and the class of 2015 is not the same without you. Miss you!
“Mai Li—I will miss seeing your kind, precious smile each day. Our class will not be the same without you, and you will be much missed."
We send our prayers to her friends and family as they mourn her loss. She'll be missed - our class won't be the same without her..
"For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away." (James 4:14)
Saddened to the sudden loss of a classmate. Praying for her family and her close friends for recovery and inner peace. My deepest condolences.
Such a tragic loss to our pharmacy family. Rest in peace Mai Li. My prayers to her family and friends.
"Mai Li, I will miss seeing your beautiful smile! In the past couple of years I've been blessed to have known such an amazing classmate! Condolences to the family!

Today, the world lost a beautiful soul. Rest in peace, Mai Li.
The Community will miss you!
Mai Li was always willing to help at
community outreaches!

She was passionate about her pharmacy
career but more than that she was
dedicated to help her patients.
Either 2 legged..
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