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Your Guide to Writing Style

MLA, APA, and Chicago Style Formats

Virtual Librarian

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Your Guide to Writing Style

Writing with Style
What is a "Writing Style"
A way to organize a research paper in a manner that has been widely accepted.
Using a writing style will let the people reading your paper know what sources you used to draw your conclusions.
MLA Style
What is MLA Style? What is it normally used for?
APA Style
What is APA Style? What is it normally used for?
Chicago Style
What is Chicago Style? What is it typically used for?
Citation Helps
MLA is the style for the Modern Language Association
Typically used in the Humanities Fields (I.E. English, Drama/Theater, Art)
APA is the style of the American Psychological Association
This style is typically used in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Fields (I.E. Psychology, Criminal Justice, Education)
Let's look at a sample paper in APA Format
Let's look at a sample paper in MLA Format
The Chicago Manual of Style was created by Kate Turabian and is referred to as "Chicago" because it was created while Ms. Turabian was at the University of Chicago.
Chicago Style is typically used in the academic field of History, but it can be used in any field. It is also commonly used by Writers, Editors, and Publishers.
Chicago Style is not widely used on the CTC campus, but if you transfer to TAMU-CT it may be required for some history classes.
Please visit our TLC (Teaching Learning Center) located in Room 202A upstairs in the library. Drop-in hours are 3:30-5:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday.
Email: referencerequest@ctcd.edu
Phone: 254-526-1621
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