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No description

sydney west

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of ALL ABOUT ME


The school I attended
Events that took place in P1 -P6
Extra-curricular activities I participated in back then

The school I attend currently
The year level I am in currently
My favorite subjects
My behavior academically and socially as a student (M1, M2, and M3)
The high school I would like to attend when I leave Dellwood
In my Introduction I will tell you the

A little bit about myself
The way I classify "special friends"
My favorite food
Movies in general
The way I spend my free time

The time & place I was born
My parents' names
The name of my sibling
Moments of my childhood that I remember
Being a lawyer requires patience because you need to be able to handle anyone or any situation thrown at you. Before deciding to represent a client you will need to do a little research. Doing research would include: doing a background check, to see what they are associated with. Reading as well as evaluating and having a strong argument is important. Your argument has to make sense. Your evidence and the case have to link. If you have questions for the person on the stand you need to be able to jot them down quickly, while continuing to listen. In addition, if you disagree with a statement being made by the opposing lawyer you have to shout out objection! Learning the vocabulary and knowing when to use it is also one of the requirements needed for a court lawyer.
Before attending my interview with Mrs. Tammy Richardson-Augustus I did some research and discovered: as a lawyer one would have to provide advice and represent clients in court, before government agencies, and/or in private legal matters. Communicate with clients and others; conduct research and analyze legal problems. Interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for individuals and businesses. Present facts in writing and verbally to clients or others and argue on their behalf. Prepare and file legal documents, such as lawsuits, appeals, wills, contracts, and deeds. Lawyers, are also called attorneys, they act as both advocates and advisers.
In the interview I found out: f
or law your 1st degree can be in anything (Science, Math, or English). You also need a law degree and pass the Bar or LPR. Another must is that you need to become an intern so that you can train under a senior lawyer for at least a year. The lawyer you train under needs to have at least five years of practice (or been in the business for at least five years). You need an application or recommendation from a lawyer to be called to the Bar.

I interviewed Mrs. Tammy Richardson-Augustus in person:

1)What does your role as a partner of the corporate and commercial division consist of?
My day mostly consist of: reviewing agreements between companies that would like to merge, managing young developing lawyers and make presentations on Bermuda's business sector (which are done over seas).

2)Why did you choose to become a Lawyer?
I chose to become a Lawyer because I was motivated by Julien Hall which appeared in the newspaper a lot. My hobbies were debating and reading!

3)What is a typical "Day in Your Work Life" like?
Usually I would: check my blackberry at 6a.m to get a sense of what I have to face that day. Read the Business News section in the newspaper. Read unread or most current emails to prioritize my following events. I would attended management meetings. Manage clients and their expectations, lastly draft legal documents.

4)What are the most and least rewarding aspects of your job?
The least rewarding aspect of my job is filling out time sheets every three to five minutes. It must show a minimum of eight hours everyday. I think it's very tedious and you need discipline to complete it.
The most rewarding aspects of my job are: mentoring young developing lawyers, delivering good services to a client after the transaction and they are pleased with the services received. Lastly, I've realized if a client is pleased with the services received: they will give you more work, refer someone else to you, or pay the bill on time.

Some of the careers I would like to take on when I get older
Where I would be living and the condition
The amount of children and their gender
Married or Single
Interview questions continued:

5)Would you choose this career again if you could make the decision again? If there is anything what would you do differently?
The work is rewarding, however if I had the opportunity to switch my career, I would do a science or actuary only because of the amount of hours that you have to spend at work. I find balancing work and home is very difficult.

6)What education requirements, college degrees, or licenses are needed for law?
For law your 1st degree can be in anything (Science, Math, or English). You also need a law degree and pass the Bar or LPR. Another must is becoming an intern so that you can train under a senior lawyer for at least a year. The lawyer you train under needs have at least five years of practice. You need an application or recommendation from that lawyer to be called to the Bar.

7)Any "words of advice"?
If you are dedicated to becoming a lawyer some traits and habits you would need to practice now are: time management, love reading, knowing how to critique things with an evil eye, contain great writing skills, and knowing how to retain lots of information.
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