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Introduction to Web Development (By Bond)

This was one of my presentations made for Cairo University. IT students. A simple introduction to Web development and Web 2.0

Husnu Bond

on 2 May 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to Web Development (By Bond)

Be Creator Introduction to Web Development Unit 1: Web Components Creating a website pages using HTML5 : CSS For Web Designers Getting Started with PHP and MySQL your material HTML5 CSS3 PHP
MYSQL Introduction to web technology. Web Graphics: Web Design Tools : Usability. Planning a Web Site (your Goals). Logo
Design Sets Servers
Microsoft (IIS)
AOL server
Java web server Clients (Browser)
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
AOL Clients & Servers : Basic internet connection
Dial up/DSL/Cable/Sat
Email Phone Company
Earth Link
Net Zero Internet Service Providers Connect Clients to the Internet 1- Computer (server) farm.
2- Web server software.
3- Firewall hardware and software.
4- IT services
(Backup, troubleshooting, hardware repairing).
5- Disk space.
6- Bandwidth / connection to internet.
7- Routers and switchers.
8- Email server / storage. Web Hosting Services Connects Web Sites to the Internet Domain name: The specific address of a computer on the Internet such as :
Uniform Resource Locator (URL):
Internet protocol (IP) address
( Domain URL and IP A company that provides domain name registration services for a fee.
Maintain database which maps domain names to IP’s
Propagate new domain name/IP address information across the internet Domain Registrar Microsoft Expression Studio.
Microsoft Visual Web Developer.
Microsoft Visual Studio.
Microsoft Web Matrix.
PHP Designer.
Zend Studio.
Notepad++. Home Page (Home/About Us/ContactUs/SignUp/SignIn..... etc)
Copyright Page.
Site map.
Header Page.
Footer Page.
Body or Index Page.
Product Page.
..................etc. Creating (Header.htm) page. Creating (Footer.htm) page. Creating (Index.htm) page. Creating Your First Website. Static web page Dynamic web pages a Lot Of Search Keep Yourself Informed
About all New Technology Get Yourself Tested
From time to time Hyper Text Markup Language Cascading Style Sheets Hypertext Preprocessor Thank you Logo ,Icons Designs
Web Advertising
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