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Oxford University Motto

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Michelle Yao

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Oxford University Motto

University of Oxford By, Michelle Yao Oxford's Motto Other Usage Usage: Usage Cont... Usage Cont... Other Mottos What does this mean? When and Why? What is Their Motto? Location "Oxon" History Background Information As one of the oldest and leading universities in the world, Oxford University is located in Oxford, England/United Kingdom. It is the oldest university in the English speaking world and the second-oldest surviving university in the world! It is unknown when Oxford was founded, but there is clear evidence of teaching all the way back to 1096. In 1167, it's popularity began to grow when King Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris. This caused many English scholars to begin schooling at Oxford University. Today, there are approximately 21,500 students studying at Oxford from all over the world. In post-nominals, Oxford University is commonly referred to as "Oxon" which comes from the Latin: Universitas Oxoniensis. Today, in University publications, Oxford is referred to using the abbreviation "Oxf". Oxford's motto in latin is: People back then viewed God as "their light". They viewed their relationship with God to be more important than anything else. In the 13th century, the idea came up that the world rests in God's hands and relies on him. This means that at every instant everything derives its existence from God's actions. Oxford originally began using this phrase as their motto in the second half of the 16th century. They chose Dominus illuminatio mea as their motto because it was the opening words of Psalm 27. There are two old mottos of Oxford. Dominus illuminatio mea is also the motto of Robert College of Istanbul. It appears on the arms of the Robert College Alumni Association. It is the motto of Finlandia University. It is also found on the piss-cutters (a type of boat) of St Leo's College, a sub-division of the University of Queensland.

It is the motto of Cair Paravel-Latin School, a private college-preparatory school in Kansas. Some other schools that use it as it's mottos are: Nazareth Academy in New York, Hallfield Independent School in Birmingham, UK , Marymount Secondary School in Hong Kong and Gregorian Public School in India. The artist, Nova Schola Gregoriana, also titled one of his songs Dominus Illuminatio Mea. University Latin Phrases Project - Term 4 - 4/29/2013 In English, this literally translates to: Dominus Illuminatio Mea The Lord is My Light The first is: Veritas Liberabit, Bonitas Regnabit, which translates to "the truth will set you free, goodness will reign". The second is: Sapientiae et Felicitatis, meaning 'of wisdom and happiness Photos: Below are some pictures from around Oxford's campus!
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