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Exodus Intro


Erik Smith

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of Exodus Intro


This book of the Bible was derived
from what Greek word?
We hear many stories of tough battles, but this one is a story of liberation.
Liberation from who?
The Egyptians
It originated over a very long period of time
10th to 7th centuries BC
It's going to describe events that
took place around what year?
1250 BC
This is a guided presentation on the details of this book found in the Bible.
Who is the author?
Not Moses
It was put together by many scribes.
Broken up into 6 sections.
1. Intro that sets sets up the rest of the story
Israelites in Egypt ruled by a wicked leader named...
Ramases II
2. Describes God's chosen leader
His life is a miracle
Why is this true?
He was saved from the slaughtering of male israelite children.
3. Naration of the struggles between Moses and Pharaoh.
It climaxes with the 10 plagues
4. Concentrates on the rituals of Passover.
God instructs the people about how to avoid the angel of death as it "passes over"
5. The wilderness experience
Although freed from the Egyptian rule, they still suffer from basic needs.
No Water
But God will provide
6. Events that take place around the Lord's Mountain.
This mountain is called....
Mount Sinai or Horeb
During this section we see God give Moses the Ten Commandments.
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