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Smart Homes

No description

Howard Battersby

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Smart Homes

By Serayiah Allen
Smart Homes
By Serayiah Allen

I hope you enjoy my presentation.
What do you know about smart homes?
Did you know the Smart Home Automatic is made with technology all around the house such as the fridges,microwaves,washing machines,beds and many more.
The Automatic Light Bulbs
There are alot of different light bulbs especially automatic one like the clapper or voice activated .Even though it would take quite along time for it to installed into homes.
History (the past technologist)
Also lighting control systems can be used to control household electric lights. Examples include:
Extinguish all the lights of the house at a predetermined time and date range
Use of motion detectors to automatically extinguish the lights in a room after occupants have left and turn on the lights if occupants enter a room
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