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Santa's workshop

Cell analogy

Hazel Filene

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Santa's workshop

Santa's workshop cell analogy

Lysosomes (Mrs. Claus):

Santa may seem to be the man in charge up in the North Pole, but Mrs. Claus really runs the show behind the scenes. This job is for the person who loves logistics, keeping things organized, clean, and on schedule. She is responsible for getting rid of bad toys with defects and cleaning up supplies at the end of each day. Keeping the atmosphere neat and working conditions proper is the main part of the job. Mrs. Claus picks up all broken toy parts and leftover wrapping paper to put everything in the trash, similar to how a lysosome digests old parts. If you are an organized person who loves to clean, join Santa’s team to become the woman who’s really in charge!

Vacuole (Santa's Bag):
Ribosomes (Elves):
Golgi Apparatus (Reindeer):
Are you a deer that doesn’t quite fit in? Can you fly, talk, and communicate with humans in any shape or form that doesn’t involve getting killed by their cars? If so come to visit Santa at his workshop and go for a testfly with his legendary sleigh. If the testfly goes smoothly and you get the job, the training is vigorus because you have to be able to take off and land quickly and quietly. You also have to fly at about the speed of a supersonic car, traveling around the whole world in 24 hours. A few other things that you should know about what is needed to be able to get this job. They are: you can’t be afraid of heights, or get air sick. You have to be able to see through all sorts of crazy weather, and have the ability to read and interpret a map in the dark or have a photographic memory so you can guide Santa and his sleigh to the different stops on the route in any condition. The reindeer are responsible for the transportation of toys to their final destination ouside of the workshop. All the children are counting on Santa and the reindeer to deliver their toys in time!
We need someone who has at least a little experience at being in control of people. They don’t have to have professional experience but they have to be able to get people to listen to them and do as they say. They also have to like songs about themselves, the color red, cookies, flying, and animals that can talk. Santa also has to believe in magic. The person for the job must be able to control people who like to run around and play more often than sit still and do what they are supposed to. Santa controls all work that happens in and around the workshop, delegating orders and instructions for toy-making.

Gingerbread men, cookies, and milk act as the mitochondria because they fuel Santa and the elves. Workers in the factory receive energy from cookies and gingerbread men in order to keep the cell functioning. Although they may seem unimportant, these treats need to be made in large quantities and with high quality since they are the main power source of workshop workers/employees. The gingerbread men are the things that keep the delivery crew awake and alive on their rounds.

This bag stores all the gifts for all the boys and girls, just like a cells’ vacuoles stores the proteins. The gifts at Santa’s workshop are the product for the workshop just as the proteins are the product for the cells. This magical bag never runs out of space, allowing for an unlimited supply of storage space!
Nucleus (Santa Claus):
- Do you consider yourself a leader when working in a group?
- How do you feel about managing and giving instructions to co-workers?
- Have you previously worked as a manager in an occupation?

Chain of Command

Security and Walls- Cell Membrane
The security controls who can enter and leave the workshop.
Santa delegates the work load to the elves and other workers, and also is in charge of giving instructions/orders.
Elves- Ribosomes
The elves are responsible for creating the toys
Packaging Elves- Endoplasmic Reticulum
The packaging elves are responsible for putting finishing touches on and packing up the toys so they can be taken outside the workshop in the sleigh.
Gingerbread Men- Mitochondria
The gingerbread men are responsible for providing fuel and energy to the rest of the workshop
Mrs. Claus- Lysosomes
Mrs. Claus is responsible for firing the elves that need to be replaced and cleaning up after Santa and the elves.
Santa’s bag- Vacuole
Santa’s bag stores all the packaged toys, ready to be shipped off at anytime. It also has some gingerbread men for energy.
Sleigh and Reindeer- Golgi Apparatus
The sleigh and reindeer are responsible for transporting toys outside the workshop.

Tell us about your flying experience and ability.
How well could you handle carrying a significant amount of weight while flying?
Have you had previous experience in the field of transportation?
Can you handle flying in all weather conditions?

Describe your personality. Would you consider yourself a joyful, happy person?
Do you have a degree in engineering/building?
Have you ever worked in the field of construction?
How skilled are you at building and artwork?
Production of toys need to be high quality in large quantities. Do you feel you
can be successful in meeting these toy making standards to
keep the workshop functioning properly?
Just as ribosomes are responsible for building proteins within a cell, most elves in Santa’s workshop have the job of making toys for all the good girls and boys. The elves are responsible for keeping the Christmas spirit high.
There is a need for little people who love playing, and having fun and magic. These people need to be capable to take orders and in some cases pass orders to others. If you want to be part of this legendary team you have to believe in a couple of things: magic and Santa Claus. If you get accepted be sure to bring a lot of energy and most important of all fun and games to play with fellow ‘Santa’s Helpers’ and the others working with you in the endeavor to get Santa out on time. The packaging elves work on an assembly line to add finishing touches to the toys and wrap them in festive paper. The finished products are then transported elsewhere in the workshop (usually to Santa's bag) to be delivered to their final destination by Santa and the reindeer.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Have you ever had experience packaging and wrapping gifts?
Do you work well with other people, and feel comfortable working in an assembly line?

Proteins (Toys):
Santa is in control of the whole operation. He oversees all elves, reindeer, security, and his bag. Santa is responsible for dishing out orders and delegation of rules. He and the security work together to regulate who comes and goes. Santa also takes care of the reindeer and his sleigh, preparing them to make a trip around the world in one night. The security controls who comes and goes, and allows the sleigh and reindeer team to leave. Once the season is over, Mrs. Claus works to clean up any spilled milk or to fire the elves who have become dysfunctional. The gingerbread men may have been spilled, and are used to fuel the elves for the creation of new toys to go into Santa's bag, then to the sleigh, where they will be taken out to the children. The toy-making elves construct all the toys, working together with the packaging elves who wrap the toys and put any other finishing touches on each product. Mrs. Claus works with Santa to surpervise the whole operation.
Membrane (Walls and Security):
The walls of the workshop are the membrane protecting what is inside, keeping the workshop warm in such a cold environment. Gingerbread men and snowmen act as security guards by controlling what comes in and leaves the workshop similar to a selectively permeable membrane.
Would you consider yourself to be a person who cares
about the safety of others and is protective?

How comfortable are you with dealing with products or people who may try to penetrate the workshop walls?

Have you ever worked as a security guard before?

Are you willing and able to fight to protect this company in case of an emergency?

What do you want for Christmas? Whatever it may be, Christmas Cell is guarenteed to have it! Our world famous team of elves handcraft each toy, and add a magic touch to every product. If you have been nice this year, send a message to our headquarters up at the North Pole and your dream toy will be waiting under the tree on Christmas morning!
Quiz Questions
How are the elves related to ribosomes in a cell?

What is the organelle represented by Santa's Bag?

What provides workers and cells with energy? (analogy and organelle)
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