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Follow WHS safety procedures for direct care work project

No description

Tamara Jones

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of Follow WHS safety procedures for direct care work project

WHS officer's role
My role as a WHS officer is to liaison between management and staff to ensure staff and residents are upholding their own safety and each other’s that we are legally bound to through our duty of care.
Health and Safety Committee
The health and safety committee is made up of at least 50% of elected employees. We implement safe work practices by minimising hazards or harm that may endanger ourselves, other workers or clients. Each week we carry out a hazard and risk assessment evaluation throughout the facility using the hierarchy of control as our guideline.
Manual Handling
Manual handling is any physical activity involving lifting, moving, pushing or pulling.
Infection Control and Waste Management
Infection is spread via:
airborne droplets
contact with bodily fluids, blood, and other bodily secretions
skin contact
We need to treat everyone as if they are infectious
Dispose of needles and syringes into sharp containers
Fire Safety

Assess - Can the fire be extinguished?
Alert - Warn everybody in the building
Evacuate - Remove everyone from danger
Power - Turn off the power if safe to do so
Ring - Call 000
Count - When everybody has been evacuated carry out a roll call
Report - Let your supervisor know when possible
Workplaces can be stressful
Clients with dementia can have violent behaviours
It is important to look for triggers before the client acts out and courses harm to either themselves, or us or other workers
It is key to have a good work and home life balance
On your days off relax and do activities that you enjoy to do
Dispose of continent aids in sanitary bins
Soiled material and dressings need to be double bagged and put into clinical waste bins
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