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Lamp - 27th April 2010

addy pope

on 18 November 2010

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Transcript of Lamp_Addy

Geo-Services Ensure Continuous Access to Resources

Preservation initiatives for long-term access to e-journal and other scholarly content.

Repository services for open access and other licensed educational materials. View & Print maps online Download data Discover......
Data What do we do? Geo RSS Share data Find data --> Share data
Why? --> Help others
--> Colaborations Search and discover datasets Create Metadata Why is metadata important?
How will it benefit me? Data that describes data - useful?
Whats for tea -
beans or dog food....... Create --> Export --> Publish Publish: Private - Use geodoc as a backup
Group - Share metadata with your group
Public - Allow anyone to discover your metadata through Go-Geo! On the move.... Everything is mobile Mobile increasingly "geo-aware" Location Based Services will be
big in 2010 What are we doing? Making our data accessible on mobile devices, not just phones
Supporting developers in academia
Working with ECA and "Walking through time"
Unlock on a mobile to add place to position
Add richness of detail not found in Google/OSM http://mobilegeo.wordpress.com/ OS free data...
why bother with Digimap? Get Data Digimap get data find
resources keep up
to date share
data Historic data Geology What's new? Roam - slippy maps
Ancient Roam

New geology mapper
New historic OS data downloader
New Marine mapper R
s News Events Book reviews Software Geo-Services at EDINA M
Resources Metadata INSPIRE GEMINI 2 ISO19115 Dublin Core AGMAP INSPIRE GEMINI 2 ISO19115 Dublin Core AGMAP INSPIRE GEMINI 2 ISO19115 Dublin Core AGMAP INSPIRE GEMINI 2 ISO19115 Dublin Core AGMAP http://mobilegeo.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/elevationdemo.mp4 Suncat
Mobile Coming soon UKBORDERS ....... a closer look Census Discover resources API Share http://www.gogeo.ac.uk/ addy.pope@ed.ac.uk on the move......?
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