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Edexcel GCSE Science P1

A concept map of the P1 Unit: Universal Physics

Michael Lingard

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Edexcel GCSE Science P1

Edexcel GCSE Science P1: Universal
Physics Light and the
Solar System Waves and
the Earth Energy and
the Future The
Spectrum Waves and
the Universe Generation
and Transmission
of Electricity Power
Potential difference Energy transferred
per second P = I x V Generation of
Electricity Induced
Current factors affecting transformers d.c. / a.c. National
Grid domestic
electricity paying for
electricity reducing bills low energy appliances
payback times kWh Energy Energy Transfers Conservation
of Energy Heat radiation
& absorption Wasted
Energy Energy
Dissipation Efficiency Infrasound &
ultrasound Seismic Waves Uses P Waves S Waves Earth's
structure Locating
earthquakes earthquakes Causes Plate
tectonics Stars Life
Earth? Theories of
Evolution Structure of
the Universe "Life cycle" CMB radiation Relative
Distances Telescopes Galaxies Redshift Expanding
Universe Big Bang v Steady State Uses and
dangers radio
visible light
gamma rays ionising
radiation Alpha
Gamma E, f Herschel Ritter Naked eye,
photographic, and
telescopic observations The Solar System The
Way Waves
terminology The Wave
Equation Geocentric
Models Heliocentric
Models Galileo and
the moons of
Jupiter Refracting
Telescopes Lenses &
focal lengths Refraction
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