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Friday, November 21

No description

Amy Swanson

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Friday, November 21

Friday, November 21
2014 - A day

Do Now
Read silently for 15 minutes. Put your 100 BC log on your desk if you'd like me to sign for this reading.

You will receive a challenge. Don't turn it over until you are told to do so. It will be timed.

Adverb Clauses
You did great yesterday! Let's try another exercise. Turn to page two in your packet.
Music Video Friday
David's -->
There are two videos.
Which is best?
Literary Analysis and the SIFT method...
Today we'll begin another Literary Analysis essay. In this essay, we will compare how the theme is developed in two songs with a similar topic-- being an astronaut. First, we'll learn about the SIFT approach to lit. analysis. Then, we'll "sift" through the lyrics to the two songs and listen to them. We'll use a graphic organizer to gather evidence and arrive at a theme for each song. Then, we'll talk about what the author did to communicate that theme. Finally, we'll put all that planning to use and write the essay! Don't worry. We'll have Monday to work, too.
<---- Samantha's
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