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No description

Claribelle Marie Tingzon

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of EGGCHEPLAN

To offer high quality satisfaction to our dearest customer and make their wants a “needs”

Be the best ever Leche flan store in the country.

To advance towards this objective, the company seek to live out and maintain the following principles:
 Make our customers feel what the true “healthy living” is. Producing healthy Leche flan in more exciting and creative way.
 Reserve and develop what is distinctly in our business.
 Be a role model to our employees.
 Be innovative.
 Be confident enough in engaging high risk events.

Duties and Responsibilities
General Manager
 They are the one who motivates the employees.
 They are the one who organize the effectiveness of the departments.
 They are the one who observe the competence of the staffs.
 They are the one who convert raw materials to finished product.
 They are the one who maintain the quality control standards in producing quality products.
 They are the one who perform the steps/process in making the done and ready for sale.
Sales and marketing
 They are responsible in advertising the product in the market.
 They are the one who sell the finished goods.
 They are the one who strategized in marketing the product.
 The one who records the everyday transactions.
 They are in charge in doing the payroll.
 They are the one who create the financial statement of the company
 They finance the departments.

 (day off)
Company Policy
• No work, no pay
• No id, no entry
• All personnel that is part of the production must wear net cap
• All fulltime employees are eligible for vacation pay
• If an employees need to leave for specific date, he/she must present a letter to the department head
• No employees allowed to report in under the Influence of alcohol and drugs
• All employees are required to wear proper uniform

"Where the egg bangs with the coconut"
Presented by:
Jense B. Reyes
Edmon C. Cabugoy

Presented to:
Ms. Helinor Medina

A. Type of business

As our business, Eggche plan entails just a small amount of investment and a simple effort to put it up, Partnership will be most suitable type of business we can classify it with as we begin the operation. A partnership has juridical personality separate and distinct from that of each partners. With an enough number owners, raising the capital will be a lot easier.

B. Nature of business

Eggche plan is engage in food manufacturing business, that is, raw materials are collected then process to produce our finished product.

C. Management highlights

Eggche plan management will distribute corporate responsibilities to the different departments. The Production department will be handling the production of the product and maintain the quality and control standards in producing quality products for its consumer.

Marketing and selling will handle the marketing strategies of the product while the Sales department converging in distributing the finished product. The financial department will finance the needs of the departments.

D. Marketing highlights

As new entry in the industry, our product conducts several promotions to increase and establish popularity to our target market.

Since the product does not have an establish name at this time, we will intend to market our product throughout the area because this is the location where our primary target is located. We want to maximize our sales and at the same time minimize our cost so we can launch our product name with positive appearance.

E. Financial highlights

The approximately profit of this business will be 1/4 of the initial capital on its first year of operation. And it is expected to increase in the succeeding years as it penetrate a great market share.

The uniqueness of its appearance ant he sweetness of its taste will be the two main reasons why this project will be successful in the near future.

The product will be marketable for all ages because of its affordability. The beauty of it is that, it has lower price but rich nutrients.

F. Socio-economic contribution

Establishing a business is very risky especially not that our economy is facing crisis condition. Taking the risks is one way of proving that there is always a way to balance every circumstances.

A. Product /services to sell
Food is in demand, the demand as evident, taking a great share of the market, just as Filipinos are starting to have the feel of enjoying quick merienda and desert.

Benefits, Advantages and Features.
• It has health benefits
• It has milk and egg
• It is scrumptious
• No added chemicals
• It prevents macular degeneration
• The egg in Leche flan may prevent breast cancer
• Eggs are one of the only foods that contain naturally occurring vit. D
• Coconut is also part of the ingredients. And it is good for the health

• It is affordable
• It is very easy to prepare
• It takes days before its expiration
• It gives energy
• It has different varieties
• It is different from the other Leche flan because we put coconut bits as main ingredient

1. Area coverage
Location is considered essential to marketing mix. No matter how good your product or services if it is not accessible to the target market, The effort of the management business would be useless. Guagua, Pampanga is the best place to put up this enterprise. It is located at crown plaza, Guagua, Pampanga were the customers could easily drop by and have some of our delicacies.

2. Market description
The priority target market are all the on-the-go individuals, since making it takes a lot of time, busy people would just like to buy it over the counter for their desserts in ordinary day or in celebrations or just it in a restaurant and eat it for some relaxation after a stressful day

3. Target market profile
The main targets of Eggche plan are teenagers and adults who have a big percentage that are considered as the on-the-go individuals.

• Students
This could be good target for our product because teenagers are the usual desserts lovers.
• Age
Age not less than 3 years old.
• Income
All class can afford our product.
• Occupation
Students, employees and others.

4. Consumer /customer
Eggche plan is for any age not less than 3 years old. Our product is not just good for life but it will also help consumers in maintaining their healthy lifestyle.

B. Target market
SWOT Analysis
Business Operation
A. Technical production description
The section on technical study of Eggche plan aims to provide a description of the proposed process of producing Leche flan wherein items will be presented only to extent necessary to understand the business and come up with realistic estimated cost. The financial study will therefore reflect cost based on whatever technical and production data the proponent and other industry sources provided.

Production process Flow chart

1. Collection of raw materials
2. Sorting
3. Peeling/shredding
4. Cooking
5. Molding
6. Packaging
7. Storage
A. Government and economy

Eggche plan will aim to strengthen the Philippines economy as well as the promotion of tourism specially maximizing the use of carrot, coconut and peanuts. The company will use its access to the customer and other suppliers as gateway towards development of tourism health awareness programs that may lead to the revitalization of the tourism in the country.

B. Customer

The company ensures the satisfaction of consumer and making them feel the passion of the company in preparing the product. We give them the best service and high standard quality of desserts, making it delicious and healthy at the same time.
C. Community

The company aims to promote health consciousness and environmental awareness. Proper waste disposal will be implemented and practiced within the firm.

The company will support the feeding program, seminars, fun run activities, team building about health awareness for youth donations. The company will also donate for medical missions that will be conducted by the community.
D. Proponent

Proponent benefits are the most important area that should be considered by all companies. Eggche plan offers compensation benefits such as health, death and accident benefits, paternity and maternity leave, bonuses and lastly overtime pay. Benefit packages especially those who have an emphasis on health insurance and retirement savings tends to attract employees who are looking for long-time and stable jobs.

The company may also do promotion for employees. Each of them will be dealt with complete fairness and integrity. The management will also conduct special seminars and trainings to ensure the benefits and concerns of their staffs in order to have good harmony in the workplace.
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