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Prehistoric Indians In Georgia

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Danny Brennan

on 6 March 2018

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Transcript of Prehistoric Indians In Georgia

Prehistoric Indians In Georgia
By Allen, Kari, Nick, and Danny
Prehistoric People
There were 4 prehistoric indian culture in Georgia:
Paleo Indian Culture
The paleo indian culture existed untill about 10,000 years aago. Paleo means very old. Were a nomadic hunter-gather culture. Believed to be in groups of 25 to 50 peaple. were not a tribe but a civilation. were among the first to inhabit the americas. moved when food sources were depleted.
Woodland Indian Culture
The Woodland culture was started and took over the previose cultures over time. They made pottery and lived in atleast semi permanant villages. The Woodland time period is split up into three periods. The early middle and late time periods. They traded with other cultures and buried their cheifs with the goods that they got by trading to show how they had a partnership. During the early period cultures near the coast of georiga made intrakitly dessigned pottery. The middle and early late period were very trade heavy time for all woodland cultures. during th late woodland culture the trading went down as the amount of the of villages went up. The trading probably decreased because they didnt need to they were so spread out that trading for their equitment wasnt nessasary. The Woodland culture was an amazing period were technological advances were made and put to use.
Mississippian Indian Culture
The Mississippian culture is considered the highest civilization of prehistoric indians in Georgia. They are called the Mississippians because we first learned about them from their villages along the Mississippi River. They lived in villages, farmed crops, and were very religious. Most of the Mississippians grew their own food. They ate maze and beans, and grew tobacco for ceremonies. Their clothes were simple with beads, had tattoos, and wore headdresses. The head of the villages was the priest-chief. They protected themselves with moats and wooden fences that surrounded their village. In 1600 AD, all the Mississippians got up and left, and no one knew what happened to them or where they went.
Beliefs, Weapons, Shelter
The Mississippian believe their world was divided into 3 parts, the upper world, middle world, and underworld. The upper world had the sun, which give them life. The middle world was the world they lived in. The underworld had fertility and other things. Their rituals often was to show the power of nature.
The indians mainly used the bow and arrow to hunt, and then when they needed to defend their village, they used it to kill the attackers. They also had long, sharp knifes. Most of them were used for ritual purposes.
They Mississippian people mad large public buildings
and houses. Inside the homes there would be a fireplace and
pits to store food. The large public buildings just had one
room. It was likely used for ceremonies.
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Weapons, food, religion and shelter.
Weapons-the archaic indians had spears, slingshots, and knives as weapons.

Food-they hunted small game, reptiles, and they picked berries and fruits.

Shelter-they had crude shelters and usually stayed in one settlements

Religion-the archaic people believed in a variety of religions, but most believed in many different gods and often practices rituals that involved dancing.

Archaic Indian Culture
The archaic indian culture lasted from 8000 B.C. to 1000 B.C. It was one of the longest periods and it was separated into three different time periods, those periods were the early, middle, and late archaic periods. Once the Paleo culture ended, the indians in Georgia began to stop being nomads and instead start to build settlements to live in. During the early archaic period they also began to extensively hunt game and their tools became more advanced. Some examples of the tools they invented are drills, fish hooks, chipping tools, and grooved axes. During the middle period, the climate became warmer and the water levels in the Georgia region began to recede. This caused the archaic people to start to hunt fish more often. They also started to improve their spears during this period in order to throw the spears longer and to hunt larger game. During the late period is when the archaic people started to plant crops for the next season. This caused them to cut down on animal needs and made the settlements thrive. This helped them to advance their technology even more.
That is what happened during the archaic period in Georgia.
First people crossed the land bridge connecting Russia to Alaska
30,000 B.C.
Paleo Indian culture
10000 - 8000 B.C.
Archaic Indian culture
8000 - 1000 B.C.
Woodland Indian culture
1000B.C. - 1000 A.D.
Mississppian Indian culture
800 A.D. - 1600 A.D.
Present day
Our Lives Today
Our lives are very different than those of the prehistoric indians. we do not have walls and moats to protect our cities, we have police. We do not have huts, we have houses. We do not migrate from place to place, we stay put. We do not have a bow and arrow, we have guns. We have new weapons and tools, far more advanced than the indians. our live are very different than those of the indians.
Weapons, food, and beliefs
The paleo indians utilised weapons sutch as the atlatle and spear. The atlatle was a invention that was used to more acurateley fling stones. They hunted large animals sutch as wooly mamoths. Their beliefs are unknown because they recorded their infomation through stories.
Beliefs, Weapons, Shelter
The Woodland culture was a time of permanant villages and burial mounds. The Woodland people did have tech advances and by the end of the period they were using bow and arrows and making intracite pottery. It was also a time were the people of the tribes were buried in burial mounds.
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