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Intro to Prezi

What is Prezi, how does it work, and what is it good for?

Callie Stinnett

on 10 September 2010

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Transcript of Intro to Prezi

Classroom Technology Introducing: Prezi History: General Description: In the past, people have used PowerPoints, lectures, and presentation easels as aids for presentations. Yawn! I would like to introduce to you, Prezi.The site offically launched in April 2009 out of Budapest. Prezi is used to show creative presentations that are both entertaining and allow for one large canvas of ideas.
In education, teachers can use Prezi to store all of their information on one canvas and link ideas together through frames. You can also use outside resources such as YouTube. Or you can insert images. Material that is relatable to your presentation of course :) Advantages: Disadvantages: New and exciting technology
Shows big picture and supporting ideas
Allows for outside interactive links and images
Allows for organized paths for presentations
It's Free
Need access to internet
Requires some tutorial instruction
Does not accommodate voice recording
No spell check Unfortunately, since Prezi is such a new tool, it is not very well known and therefore is not used very often. There is also some uncertainty by many people about using new types of technology. Especially when one is quite comfortable using good old fashioned presentation ways. Personally, I think Prezi is great! I can use Prezi in my own classroom to
teach new lessons and allow for more student interaction. For instance, if I did a reading lesson on book genres, I could use Prezi to guide my presentation and do something like this... Characteristics of a mystery book may include:
action or suspense
plot twists
a villian
a detective-like character
What are other examples
of mystery books that
you have read? Turn and talk with a partner!

What is the difference between a
fiction book and a mystery book? It is very important to be open to new ways of technology. Our students are growing up in times where technology will become more and more prevalent in the classroom. It is our job to engage them with as much enthusiam and knowledge of technology as we can. Presentation by Callie Stinnett
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