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Insight from Inside

Resume Writing & Interview Tips From A Recruiter

Paras Kaushik

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of Insight from Inside

Insight Imagine The Recruiter is your Customer* * and you need to SELL your resume... to the customer Your customer is probably bored, busy, pissed, overwhelmed, tired Brands today sell an experience... not just benefits of product Why can't you do the same with your resume? BASICS 01. FORMAT 02. CONTENT Name

Interests Note: Resume should ne max 1 or 2 Page... Pls No Pronouns No pronouns "I" or "Me" or sometimes "Myself"
Resume is a document about YOU No slangs please.
Dont expect your customer to know Technical Jargons No Slangs Power Add power to your resume by adding POWER WORDS.
What are Power Words? A resume is an advertisement, nothing more, nothing less. accelerated | accomplished | achieved | addressed | administered | advised | allocated | answered | appeared | applied | appointed | appraised | cataloged | caused | changed | chaired | clarified | classified | closed | collected | combined | commented | communicated | compared | compiled | dealt | decided | defined | delegated | delivered | demonstrated | described | designed | determined | developed | earned | edited | effected | eliminated | endorsed | enlarged | enlisted | ensured | entered | established | estimated | evaluated | filed | filled | financed | focused | forecast | formulated | found | founded | gathered | generated | graded | granted | guided | halved | handled | helped | observed | opened | operated | ordered | organized | oversaw | participated | perceived | performed | persuaded | planned | prepared | presented | processed | procured | raised | ranked | rated | realized | received | recommended | reconciled | recorded | recruited | redesigned | saved | scheduled | selected | served | serviced | set | set | up | shaped | shared | showed | simplified | sold | solved | sorted | sought | sparked | specified | spoke | staffed | started | streamlined | strengthened | stressed | stretched | verbalized | verified | visited | waged | weighed | widened | won | worked | wrote Resume is not a history of your past OR a personal statement OR some sort of self expression ADVANCED Who has the time to read paragraphs.
Its a resume not a history book 02. Bullet Points Please 01. Important Information First Freshers > Foucs on your education qualification first
Experienced > Foucs on your recent experience
You might have been house captain in 1999. Good for you... but is it a big deal in 2011?!? Do overfill your resume with text.
Ensure your template has enough and more white space... between words, line, paragraphs. 08. White Space Showcase a UNIFIED image

09. Its a resume not scatter diagram Meaning: An activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.
Perceived as: Something s/he is awesome at / or does a lot.
If you are even 1% unsure of your hobby dont mention about it 10. Hobbies?!? Errors are not cool... proof read twice
How to proofread? 03. ProofreaD MS Word / Websites have many templates
Get an idea from them - don't Ctrl+c & Ctrl+V
Create your own format... 07. Ah! Those Templates This includes usage of 'power words'
Lying is not cool, so why waste time
When you lie... it shows!

11. No Lies Mostly resume will go as an *.doc/x attachment
What if recruiter wantes a txt version to access the resume on his hand held? 06. Email Proof Formatting Showcase your achievements, share the data & numbers.
Numbers give a 'point of reference'
My BP is high Vs My BP is 140/100 12. Use Numbers & Data Responsibility = You did somthing = so what?

Achievement = You achieved, exceled, accomplished = cool 13. Achievements & not just Responsibilities Colored Background
'Cool' fonts
Twin colored boxes

05. No fancy designs Font Size (11/ or 12)
Use basic fonts
NO ALL CAPS 04. Typography 00. Read Backwards
01. Concentration
02. Print & Read
03. Homonyms (Accept Vs Expect)
04. Apostrophes (Your Vs You're)
05. Punctuation
06. Get a friend to read it
07. Don't trust spell check of MS Word Please dont do all or any of the above. Objective is to communicate a message, not show off! Period. Participated in Festival 2010 and won the best debater title Represented XYX College in Festival 2010. Won the "best debater" title amongst 64 participants. Managed the editorial team of the Campus Newsletter. Successfully led 6 member editorial team to publish 4 editions of cmapus newsletter without any delays. by Paras Kaushik Remember resume is a tool, with only one purpose... TO WIN AN INTERVIEW. 01. Structured Discussion
02. Assessment
03. Evaluation
04. Dialogue Exchange
05. Knowing each other
06. Waste of time DECISION MAKING EVENT Opportunity to HTD What is an interview? 85 % of the interview is in your control 3Ps DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF H elp
T hem
D ecide Preparation Presentation PRACTICE PREPARE PRESENTATION PRACTICE About the Company. News. Products. CEO. Locations... ABOUT
YOURSELF Personal Hygiene & grooming Safest Color of Suits: Navy Blue / Grey / Black
No tight clothes
Shirts should be of white or light colour to offset the suit, cotton or cotton blend. No shiny or see through material.
A Tie is must. Tip of the tie should touch the belt. It should not be longer or shorter . The thin end should not show below the broad end of the tie. If it happens, don’t hide in your trouser but put inside in your shirt between the buttons. Never wear a spoilt or dirty tie.
No gold chains or bracelets and no finger Rings, no stone or gems.
Don’t use too much or strong fragrance.
Nails should be cleaned and well shaped. Looks should be clean and well shaved. Any coloured skirt or jacket. No pants or jeans. Don’t wear too long or too short skirts. Idealy the skirt should end slightly above the knees.
A scarf, if worn, should be brightly coloured, contradicting to suit.
Stockings is important. It gives the legs better shape and also make the attire look complete. Wearing such suit without stockings give a naked look.
Plain pair of pump (soft and shiny leather shoes) with heels should be polished.
Feet should be cleaned with painted nails.
Wax your legs. Hair can definitely be seen through stockings.
Manicure your finger nails and paint them before going to Iinterview. Your hands are constantly on display as you are greeting people,
No chiped nail polish. Hair: Short hair or blunt cut etc. Easy to manage and have a neat look to it. Long hair should be tied with clip etc.
No toe ring. Jewellery should be of one metal either gold or silver.
MAKE UP: Match the foundation to the skin colour . No Pancake make up that seems as if you are hiding some scar or blemishes on your face and looks artificial and ugly. Highlight your eyes and lips . Use Eye-liner and kajal. Do not wear green, blue and grey contact lenses at interview. It looks Artificial and Cheap. Natural eye colour contact lenses are best. Use a matching lipstick.
Attend to personal cleanliness to prevent perspiration , Body and Breath odours, and Remember you are never completely dressed unless you wear a SMILE :-)

Interviewers expect you to ask at least one question of your own during the job interview. Failing to ask any will cost you points. Find out the nature of the interview:

01. Are they looking for specific profile - Technical Skills

02. Are they looking for GET / MT Material - Technical + Managerial Skills You gotta smile and keep smiling

:) GREETINGS :) Be polite , courteous and alert Gesticulate appropriately & avoid unnecessary fidgeting POSITIVE SIGNALS
Leaning forward = interest

Smiling = friendly

Nodding = attentive and alert

Eye contact = curious and focused
++++++++++++++++++++++++ NEGATIVE SIGNALS
Crossed arms = defensive

Fidgeting /tapping = nervous / bored

Lack of eye contact = untrustworthy

Leaning back= discomfort
-------------------------------------- Good Communication Skills. On a daily basis notice how well you listen to others.
Practice active listening techniques such as paraphrasing what has been said or probing further by asking additional questions.
Develop the ability to respond intelligently and stay on point during an interview. Interviewing Skills Fine tune you interviewing skills by practicing with a friend.
Remember to use real life examples to demonstrate knowledge and then get feedback on the answers.
Even though a recruiter may not ask the exact question a friend does, by practicing you can improve your ability to respond easily.
If you dont have a friend :( interview yourself. Dwaw on EXPERIENCE Every interviewer is different and is likely to have his/her own favorite interview questions.
You need to familiarize yourself with your own background and accomplishments well enough to be able to draw on your own experiences with ease.
You should review your education & work history and make a list of accomplishments. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE A singsong or rising inflection at the end of every sentence creates a tentative impression and makes it sound as though you're asking a question instead of making a definitive statement Up-talk
Filler words such as "um," "ah," "you know," "OK," or "like" tell the interviewer you're not prepared.
A better strategy is to think before you speak, taking pauses and breaths when you lose your train of thought.  Non words:  Expression such as "ain't," "she don't," "me and my friend," and "so I go," aren't appropriate. 
Be sure you speak in complete sentences . 
The interview is not the venue for regional  expression or informality. Grammatical Errors Wimpy words modify or water down your conviction and in the end, your position. 
"hopefully," "perhaps," "I feel," "kind of," and "sort of" "i think" = lack of confidence. 
Use power words such as "I'm confident that," "My track record shows," "I take the position that," I recommend," or "my goal is". 
The language you use gives the listener an impression about your level of confidence and conviction. Weak speak While everybody is a bit anxious during an interview, you don't want your information to fly like a speeding bullet. 
A rapid speaking rate is difficult to follow, and speed talkers are seen as nervous. 
To avoid rushing, listen to the question, and then count two beats in your head before continuing. 
Don't be afraid of silence. 
Pausing is an effective communication technique.  Speed talking from Inside Bullet Points = Short Sentences
Short Sentences = WHITE SPACE Get Inspired! Showcase Interests Prepare questions you can ask the Interviewer Watch you Body language @paraskaushik
paras.kaushik@adityabirla.com ...and get good sleep
...and have hearty meal
...be punctual
AND... Never volunteer negative information and always be honest

And... Maintain the eye-contact and do the firm handsake

And... Remember you never get a second chance to make the first impression
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