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Vietnam: Walking Wounded

No description

Joanna Murray

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Vietnam: Walking Wounded

Vietnam: Walking Wounded

By: Chris Lynch

Presentation By: Carmine DeMaria
Each friend is in a different branch of the military.
Morris carries Rudi back to the base after being shot.
Rudi dies.
Morris brings Rudi's body back to the U.S.A.
The three friends want revenge for their friend's death.
Rudi's friends along with the U.S. Military attack the base where he was killed for revenge and to continue the Vietnam War.
Morris keeps Rudi's dog tags with him and believes its his job to win the war.
Ivan is sent home because he was shot in the eye. He wants to finish what he started.
Beck is not following orders because he think his talents as an engineer are more important than fighting.
Ivan is a lieutenant in the Army.
Ivan receives a Purple Heart Medal for getting shot in battle.
Ivan is sent home because he was shot in the eye and can no longer fight.
He is not happy about it. He wants to finish his time in the military.
Author: Chris Lynch
He lives in both MA and Scotland
Writing Professor at Lesley University

I would recommend this book to people like action and military books.
It is a series of action pact novels that are interesting for teenage boys.
I really enjoyed the fact that each chapter is from different characters point views.
Morris is the leader of his friends.
Morris has been in the military the longest out of his group of friends. He is in the Navy.
Morris is a brave soldier and a good friend because he carries Rudi back to the base after he has been shot.
Morris has a hard time being back in the U.S.A. because has not money and he is traumatized from everything he saw during the war.
Rudi was in the Marines.
Rudi was the friend that was drafted into the military which made all his friends join.
Rudi was shot and killed during the Vietnam War.
Rudi still has chapters from his point of view even though he is dead.
Beck is in the Air Force.
After Rudi's death, Beck sees the war as pointless.
Beck refuses orders to fight with a machine gun and wants to be used as a flight engineer.
Morris wants him to be a regular soldier so he can fight for revenge for Rudi.
The promise between the four friends is broken.
Rudi dies.
The three other friends are the only people that know the actual truth about Rudi's death.
Ivan gets shot in the eye and is discharged from the military.
The U.S.A. loses the war.
Morris is the only one of the four friends left in the war.
The U.S. loses the war.
Morris, Ivan, and Beck stand by each other even through all the sadness.
Rudi dying is the climax of the story because this is the part that causes all the other bad things to happen to Ivan, Morris, and Beck. All are in shock because of their friend's death and being the war.
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