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red pandas

No description

Tara Henderson

on 1 February 2018

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Transcript of red pandas

Red pandas can eat anything when they are really hungry. Except poison Berries. But when they're not hungry well they will still catch and eat.They can eat a lot of things like bamboo,fruit,insects,leaves,eggs,roots,small mammals,birds,flowers,nuts,and finally seeds.the main food that red pandas eat is can anybody guess...
think of the name red panda.

Hello my name is Jakeb. I am 10 years old and you probably already new that. Anyway the prezi is about the red panda also known as the Ailurus fulgens or the fire fox. let's get on with it.
The red pandas predator are pretty vicious. But the one that they have to look out for is snow leopards, martens, and sadly us humans. Red pandas are pretty close to extinction but I'll tell all about that in another bubble. Oh also red pandas live alone so the snow leopards and martens can catch the red panda pretty easily or the red panda will destroy the snow leopard or the marten (they are not as cute and cuddly as you think they are).

Red pandas are getting extinct because people are cutting down trees and it's killing the red pandas. Cause the snow leopards or martens and humans can kill them easier. And they're are about 10,000 left in the world that's kinda crazy if you ask me i would definitely not kill a red panda.I would try to make it my pet but i'm not sure you can have a red panda as a pet. But that will be in the next bubble.
can you own a red panda
You can't grab a red panda rate off the street and make it your pet. But you can go on this program that let's you adopt an animal from the zoo. And there are red pandas at some zoo's with some red pandas. the program is called
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