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Innovation and YOUr Org

No description

Ian Sutherland

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Innovation and YOUr Org

Starting provocation Innovation & YOUr org "The only sustainable competitive advantage for 21st century organizations is embedded creativity leading to innovation..." Core foci Internal Group level Individual level Are you more/less creative than... Organizational level External Individual
Organisation Industry
Technology Evaluation-Judgement Viability Creativity Innovation Creative exercise... Create a story about your day Bounded Rationality Bounded rationality - Process of dealing with complexity by constructing simple models of reality
- Means of reducing decision-making calculations by limiting information, alternatives and focusing on satisficing (accept an option as satisfactory)
- Our "rationality" is bounded/constrained by our experience, culture and environment (people and place)
- Leads us to "business as usual" Problem: Avoids uncertainty, minimizes information, narrows available options You need... rich, diverse input & experience ? ? ? ? ? - wide ranging information
- others' weltanschauung multiple framing & solving strategies - reformulate (how would a...)
- focus on ideation
- thinking as divergent not convergent
- avoid self-censoring Exploitation Exploration Feedback based adaptive intelligence Time & Process Myopia When I consider all the organizations I have studied and worked with over the past 22 years, there can be no doubt: creativity gets killed much more often than it gets supported. For the most part, this isn’t because managers have a vendetta against creativity. On the contrary, most believe in the value of new and useful ideas. However, creativity is undermined unintentionally every day in work environments that were established—for entirely good reasons—to maximize business imperatives such as coordination, productivity, and control.
- Teresa Amabile ("How to Kill Creativity", HBR 1998) - wide ranging information
- others' weltanschauung
- reformulate (how would a...)
- focus on ideation
- thinking as divergent not convergent
- avoid self-censoring - Be process STRICT
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