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Copy of Design of a Multi-storey Car Park Building

No description

Enas Mohammed

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Design of a Multi-storey Car Park Building

Design of a Multi-storey
Car Park Building CENG 499 2013 Done By:
Enas Mohammed Kadhum - 20083605
Meena Munaf Jaffer - 20064183 Presentation
Outline Objectives of
The Project Location of
The Building Project
Drawings Construction
Material Modeling of
the Car Park Summary of
The Results Conclusion References This project covers
the structural design
of a multi-story car
park building Objectives Location of the Project The building is located in a very crowded
area in Bahrain which is
the Diplomatic area. Ministry of Justice
and Islamic Affairs Site Location Central
Banks Embassies Ministries Cultural
Places Project Drawings Steel Reinforced
Concrete Construction
Materials Most of the Structural Members Ground Beams
Shear Walls Steel Material Was Chosen Because of the Following Reasons Reduced Weight of the Material
Speed of Erection
Smaller Sections for Structural Members Modeling of
Car Park The structural members were designed are: Slabs Beams Columns Shear
Walls Steps of Design
Process Calculate the Loading Applied Design of Structural Members Slabs Beams Columns Shear Walls
Software Prepared
Excel Sheet + + Manufacturer's
Tables and Comdek Software Beams Models Prepared in STAAD.Pro + + Live Loads
BS 6399 - 1 Dead Loads
BS 6399 - 1 Wind Loads
BS 6399 - 2 Slabs The design focuses on producing light
weight structural frame Light weight sections were selected The Loadings Applied on Slabs
4.6 KN/m^2 Composite Steel
Decking Slab Precast Hollow
Core Slabs Details of the Composite Steel Decking Slab Selected Composite Steel
Decking Slab Precast Hollow Core Slabs 6.88 KN/m^2 6.96 KN/m^2 Beams Steel
Beams Reinforced Concrete
Beams Long Span Beams
Short Span Beams Ground Beams Long Span Beams Short Span Beams Loadings Applied
DL : 13.803 KN/m2
LL : 7.875 KN/m2 Composite Cellular
Beam Non-Composit
Universal Beams Universal
Beams Cellular
Beams UB 610 x 305 x 149 Diameter of Openings: 400 mm
Spaces between openings : 600 mm UB 356 x 171 x 57 Composite cellular beams were selected All short span beams were designed as universal beams Typical Section for the longitudinal short span
beam in the second floor ( B-18 ) Loading Applied : 4.5 KN/m^2 Ground Beams Typical Section for ground beams ( B-18 ) Loading Applied : 9 KN/m^2 The Section Selected (0.6 x 0.3) m
4 Y 16 Exterior
Columns Interior
Columns Columns UC 203 x 203 x 71 UC 305 x 305 x 118 Shear Walls Design Wall Thickness: 250 mm
Transverse Reinforcement : 10 Diameter @ 250 mm
Longitudinal Reinforcement : 16 Diameter @ 150 mm Summary of the Results Slabs Beams Columns Shear
Walls Composite Steel
Decking Slab Long Spans Composite
Beams Short Spans Universal
Beams Ground Beams Reinfoced
Beams Universal
Columns Concrete
Walls Difficulties Time Restriction
Learning how to use STAAD.Pro Further
Work Design of: Solid Slabs for the Ground Floor
Foundations Calculate: Cost of the Project End of Presentation Any
Questions? Benifits Gained Learning how to design using the
STAAD.Pro Software Learned how to
Wind Loads How to design a new structural member which is the cellular beams which has many advantages Thank you
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[26]Hot Rolled Section Tables, Universal Beams and Columns. Design of a Multi-Storey Car Park Building CENG 499
2013 Done by:
Enas Mohammed Kadhum - 20083605
Meena Munaf Jaafar - 20064183 Supervised by:
Prof/Dr. M. P. Saka University of Bahrain
Colledge of Engineering
Depratment of Civil Engineering and Architecture Special
Thanks Prof/Dr. M. P. Saka
Dr. Esmat Kameshki
Leo C. Alambra
Dr. Uday Al-Jubouri Architectural Drawings Project Drawings Project Drawings Three Dimensional Model Structural Drawings Three Dimensional Model Three Dimensional Model Three Dimensional Model Three Dimensional
Model UB 686 x 254 x 140 Long Span Beams Universal
Beams Aesthetic Look Cellular Beams Lighter & Stronger Services can
Pass Through
Full transcript