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No description

Alena Cornelius

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Cheerleading


I cheer for Taunton Pop Warner and Taunton High School. For Pop Warner, I am on A advanced or A level 4, which is the highest level you can be on. We do really cool stunts. For our main stunts, We do express up to full, lib to free stretch, then quarter turn to scale, arabesque, then single down, reload, then up to prep and front flip down. You probably didn’t understand half the words I just said. Our theme for our routine is Boston Strong, so in our music section, we have a lot of Boston related songs, such as Sweet Caroline, and Shipping Out to Boston. For our stunts in our music section, the flyer does a handstand and we split her le and gs and lift her into a crunch, and she fulls up to an extension and she doubles out of it. In the pyramid, she does a really cool back handspring flip and than she does a show and go.
Learning French canadian
I get to go to Disney!! Woohoo!! At my competition on November 16th, my Pop Warner team came in First Place at the Regional Competition. It was held at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield, MA. We beat Saugus's level 4 team by at least a good 10 points. They barely even had enough skill to be a level 4 team, but that did not make my team cocky. We knew that if we wanted to win, we still had to try. We hit everything but one little bobble in the pyramid and one girl over rotated in her tumbling. We gotta 93.66 out of a hundred, which in cheerleading is really, REALLY good. My coaches were astonished. For awards, we had orange and silver crowns because we are the Taunton Queens, and they had Mickey ears because that was our goal, Disney. I'm so happy we got First Place, because I like the feeling over being a regional champion.
In my backyard, I have a bunch of woods. There is a little stream ad people in the past have put planks all across and around the stream so other people could walk through it. On Thanksgiving every year , me and my cousins go back there. It is a lot of fun. There is a bunch of trees that we always wack with sticks Once we get across the stream , there is one little path that goes towards the top of my street. After about 4 houses down from mine, you get so a big field that’s shaped like a bowl, and it’s where my neighbors go quadding. I’ve only been quadding once or twice, but it was a LOT of fun. They always ask us if we want to go, but we are usually busy.
1. Go skydiving
2. Stay up for 24 hours straight
3. Read all the Pretty Little Liars books
4. Go to the “ 4 corner “ states
5. Learn to speak full French- Canadian
6. Go para sailing

I would LOVE to go para sailing. Everyone in my family has except for me. I would really love to go in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I go there every year and it is the nicest place ever. Especially being up there and seeing the lights of the ferris wheel and all of the bubbles from the little kids, and people swimming and all the colorful umbrella’s, I can see it.

By : Alena Cornelius
Composition 8 : A block

Another thing on my bucketlist that I want to do is to learn full full French Canadian. The main reason I want to learn it is because when I go to Maine, a lot of people at my campground are from Canada, so
they speak French Canadian and I want to be able to communicate with them. I do know a few words, but I would love to learn a lot more.
I dressed up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween. I went trick-or-treating in Winthrop Heights with Meghan. The people who came with us were Tommy, Owen, Tony, Jake, Joe, Rawan, Kora, Bri, Alex, Kaylee, Jada, Mikayla and Liana. We had SOOOO much fun. All of the people who came are all one big group of friends, best friends actually. All of us are very close and it made the night that much better. Almost all of us got King Sized candy bars from one of the houses. The houses in that neighborhood are HUGE and they are so pretty. At one house, they had those mummy things that sits up and it scared the crap out of me!! I was terrified!! I had my phone in my hand at one point, and at one point , i dropped my phone in a yard so i had to go get it! It was so scary. I had so much fun on Halloween and I'm glad I spent it with some really great people.

My favorite holiday, by far, is Christmas. I love Christmas. My favorite place to be during that time of year is in my living room, by my Christmas tree, with my wood stove running, drinking hot chocolate with whip cream, wrapped up in my zebra snuggie while watching Christmas movies. What would make that scenario even better is if it was snowing and there was Christmas music playing throughout my house. I also love when it's night time and every ones Christmas lights are on and sometimes my family and I go for a ride and listen to Christmas music. I love going to LaSallette, and I love going to my grandmothers house on Christmas and celebrating with my moms side of the family.
What makes my best friend the best is that he always knows what I need. He knows that if I'm sad, all he needs to do is write me a really nice paragraph. He knows that when I'm mad, he just needs to give me some space, or again, write me a paragraph to make me laugh or smile. When I'm happy, he just talks to me, asks me how my day was, what I'm doing that night, or how I'm doing. We are so similar. I swear the only difference between us is that he is a boy. Literally, we are so alike! We both love video games, we both LOVE football, adn we both like pizza. Trust me, there are a million more ways we are alike, but I don't need to list them all.
World record
If I could break the world record for anything, it would be to be longest handstand. I am so good at those, and I love doing them. I feel like it would be pretty difficult to stay upside down for a long period of time, saying I don't breath when I tumble. This is a good record to beat because I am a gymnast and a cheerleader. The longest handstand I have personally had is 1 minute and 7 seconds, and the reason I came down was because I was out of breath. my friend Vanessa Rosa can hold handstands for like 5 minutes, and yes she does breathe! I have tried many times to beat her record, but I hardly ever even come close! She is so good at them. I wonder what the real record is for the longest handstand.
Dream House
My dream house would be located in Beverly Hills, CA. My dream house would be made mainly out of stone and it would be a mansion. It would also have very high ceilings when you first walk in the main entrance. It would have foyer stairs when you walk in. Outside, there would be a nice heated pool with a bar and a grill right along the edge. In one corner of the pool, there is a jacuzzi. Also in the backyard, there would b be an outdoor kitchen. I would want it to have a huge water slide that goes all the way around my house. In my bedroom, I would love to have a king size waterbed. My room theme would be mint green, tiffany blue, and zebra, and my furniture would be white. In the kitchen on the inside of my house, there would be all black appliances and granite countertops.
If I could take a 2 week vacation, I would go to Bora Bora. I want to go to Bora Bora beacause it is SO pretty there! I have always wanted to go there. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous and I lvoe those over-the-water hotels, which are a couple of little huts connected with a couple of room in each hut. I would love to go with a group of friends, such as Owen, Lauren, Erin, Tommy, Rawan, Billy, Meghan, Lexi and Mackenzie. That would literally be the ebst trip ever. I feel like we would all just be 100% worry free, none of us would care about anything and we can go off and have fun. That sounds so fun I'm so excited. I'm planning that.
In the future, I would love to live in Beverly Hills, CA. It is so nice there. I've never been there, I've only seen pictures. I would love to live in my dream house (previous SSw)
and I would love it to
be on a lake. I would love to have a daily routine: go to Starbucks every weekend morning, go to the gym & then come home to shower then relax with my kids. During the week, I work as an interior designer. I want to have 2 kids, 2 years apart. I would love for my husband and I to go to all the San Diego Chargers home gaems, becuase I love football! I would want to spend a lot of time watching movies in out home movie theater. I can't wait for all of this to happen, it sounds so exciting!
Favorite memory
My favorite memory was at my mom's friend's daughter's Bat Mitzvah. It was SO much fun. It was a great night with a lot of great friends and great people. The theme was candy so the party favor was a little bucket with a bunch of different candy in it. The whole entire room was decorated with big lollipops and stuff like that. The cake also had a bunch of different candy all over it. The had gotten a photo booth , which was a bunch of fun because it had a bunch pf different props you could wear or hold to take the photo. They had this stage thing that was clear and it had a bunch of lights shining through it. The hosts of the party gave out socks so girls could take off there shoes, because most of us wore heals. The girl whose party it was has a younger grother so I'm excited to go to his Bar Mitzvah.

Dream Job
When I was little, I really wanted to be a cosmetologist, but as I grow up, I actually want to be an interior decorator. I love decorating bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, and it would be a DREAM to do it as a living. I love picking out different paint colors and patterns, and I like trying out different room sizes to expand my horizon in room design. All of my family members think I would be a great interior decorator. The reason I had hoped to be a cosmotolegist is because I use to love doing hair and makeup adn stuff, but now I don't really enjoy it anymore. I really love decorating!
Curing a Disease
If I could cure any disease, it would definitely be cancer. I have lots a lot of friends and family to cancer, and so have a lot of others. Cancer is a really nasty disease, and a lot of people lose their life because of it. I've lost one of my favorite people to it: my grandfather. I was in second grade and I was eight years old. I remember getting picked up from school and getting brought to the hospital in Boston with my family. I was so young so I didn't really know what was going on, but when I walked into the room and saw that he had no hair, I knew that this awful disease, needed chemotherapy, adn that broke my heart. He died a couple of weeks later. I miss him more than anythinh, I would do anything to bring him back.
The gift I have been dying to receive is a bunch of envelopes saying " open when..." with a bunch of things, such as " open when you're tired, open wehn you're bored, open when you're lonely " , etc. Inside the envelopes, there is a really sweet letter, and you can always put it back in the envelope so you can keep reading it for the same reason you opened it, you're bored,tired,lonely, etc. You can alwyas just count on them whenevr you need to smile, even if you're happy, and you just want to smile. My brother did this for his girlfriend and I think it is the best idea ever! I literally would be so flattered if someone did that for me. I would even do this for someone like a close friend or family member.
The princess diaries
I can't believe Lily and Mia are still fighting. I was almost sure they'd get over it. Why would Mia's mom hide the fact that she had dinner with Mr. Giani? That is a good thing though that Michael is still willing to help Mia aside Mia and Lilly's fight. That is so hilarious that Mia shoved her Nutty Royale on Lana's sweater! That was very nice of Mia to sit with Tina.
Aw that's really sweet that Michael is still helping Mia study. I mean, I thought Michael would be on Lilly's side after what happen between Lilly and Mia. I probably wouldn't apologize to Lana, either, after what she did. She is a stuck up snob. Why doesn't Mia just tell Principal Gupta that she is a princess? She might understand! Mia did fine on that test, too! She has learned a lot. Mia's shopping list is pretty much like the one at my house! I'd be so scared to talk to Josh at lockers if I out ice cream on his girlfriend's shirt.
Wow! At least people are finally finding out she's a princess. Isn't it a GOOD thing everyone knows you're a princess? You could get royal treatment from everyone! Why is everyone acting so horrified? I don't even think it's that big of a deal.. Does Lilly know about Mia being a princess and all?
Honestly, if Mia didn't think she needed a body guard, she shouldn't of needed to get one. Does Lilly know that Mia is a princess? I wonder if Lilly is jealous that Mia has Tina, because now that she doesn't have Mia, she has no one. That's crazy how everyone is now obsessed with her! I am sure it is all so overwhelming because I know it would be for me! Will Lilly and Mia maek up already?
Wow.. Lana is actually talking to Mia? I never thought that would actually happen. I also can't believe she is sitting next to Mia! She obviously just likes her because she is a princess. Lana is so snotty Like Mia is a princess.. She should not be giving her such a disrespectful attitude. Some people are ridiculous.
Peeled By joan bauer
Hildy seems like a really nice girl. That is extremely sad that Hildy's dad died.. This apple fair thing they are having sounds like a lot of fun! Wait.. Hildy's family owns the orchard? Does Lacey want to be queen? Shes making it seem like she really doesn't want to be..
I think it is pretty funny how Mia gave the attendant a dollar when she didn't even do anything to attend her? She was the attendant in the bathroom. Why would Mia be upset about being a princess? That is awesome that her dad is a prince! Does Mia's mom ever get tired of painting? I was confused when reading Mia's mom and dad's phone conversation because you could only see what the dad was saying.
What is a dowager princess? Mia has an extremely long name! Why wouldn't she want to move into a palace? I could never run away from my family. I really wonder why Mia doesn't like being a princess? I was confused when Mia knocked over the gold chair? IT'S GOLD!!
Mia sounded like she was getting real dressed up .. but why? I was confused my Mia's dad was irritated.. I mean it is cool to be a princess.. but why would anyone want to leave on such a short notice? I know I wouldn't wanna leave. I wonder if Mia will end up moving to Genovia..
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