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English Group reading

No description

Jhalak Sheth

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of English Group reading

Millions Setting? Is there a narrator? Characters? Theme or storyline Was there a change in the characters? Beginning
Leif Tse, Stefanie Ng, Ian Szeto &Jhalak Sheth The beginning of the story is set in England
In a school called "Great Ditton Primary"
We can tell it is set in England because the author uses pounds to describe the currency in the story
The author doesn't use any words to describe the school, but it establishes that the school has a gate which says "Great Ditton Primary- Creating Excellence for a New Community" Millions Did the setting change? Middle
Leif Tse, Jhalak Sheth, Ian Szeto & Stefanie Ng Millions - Official Movie Trailer (2004) Damian Who is introduced? We think the book Millions starts off with a subtle hook, because the first statement in the story is “If our Anthony was telling this story, he’d start with the money.” And that makes you want to read on because you would want to know who is Anthony and why would he start off about money?
We think the genre of this book is comedy, adventure, a bit of action and mystery Anthony and Damian's father Anthony The narrator of the story is written in first person and that person is Damian . Is a problem
introduced? Dialogue A problem was introduced, A bag of money had flew out of a train that running along and it landed on Damian's hermitage, causing heaps of damage.
There were not just a few dollars in the bag, there were thousands, millions of pounds inside the bag and Damian and Anthony had to find a way to spend it all in just days. Some of the characters change their attitude a bit after they find the money
New character, Dorothy Damian is caring and wants to give the money to people who are poor
Anthony is mean and doesn't want to share the money with anyone Yes, Millions is written in direct speech and uses a lot of dialogue. This makes the reader feel more involved with the story because it is like the characters are speaking to you. It also includes some of Damian's thoughts since he is telling the story. The setting did not really change throughout the book, it was always either at home or Great Ditton.
There isn't a change in time, no flashbacks.
It fits with the previous setting since it is the same. Millions End
Leif Tse, Jhalak Sheth, Ian Szeto & Stefanie Ng Does the story/play come to a definite end?
Does the writer leave the reader to guess what happens next? No, not really, because it ended with a dialogue, which meant the conversation could have continued and something else could happen after the dialogue.
Yes, the writer leaves us readers, to guess what will happen next, there wasn't any specific statement or fact that they were going to do something next so it makes us guess what could or might happen next. Story tellers? How does he start the book? The story starts by using the puzzling hook. Millions- Group Reading Jhalak Sheth, Stefanie Ng, Leif Tse and Ian Szeto Does the book end as you expect? No it does not end as we expected
It was very surprising
Especially the part where Damian and Anthony get to see and talk to their mum Does the end echo the opening? Yes, the ending echos the beginning "IF OUR ANTHONY WAS TELLING/HAD BEEN THIS STORY" Is there a moral/message? There is a message that the author wants to tell the reader. Does the author want to tell the reader something? "Sometimes money can leave your hand and fall like water from a pipe on to the hot ground and the dusty earth swallows it up and bursts into food and flowers for miles and miles around. And all the seeds and roots and lives that were lying dead spring all the way back to life." Thanks for watching! :)
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