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Kem Gray

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The only bike share in Miami.
Seen on every other corner.

use us for their everyday grind.

use us as traveling billboards.
With no sign of slowing down,
DecoBike offers advertising in conjunction with
branding and marketing to help your
brand reach new levels of awareness.

Why Us?
Advertising Space.
Most DecoBike rides taken in Miami are short rides
through major traffic areas.
There are Over 1000 Bikes with 100 Kiosks
strategically placed throughout Miami Beach.
That's a lot of
Just to Clarify..
SOUTH BEACH 452,227,700
MID BEACH 161,260,650
NORTH BEACH 162,709,700

@ KIOSK LOCATIONS: 776,198,050

Special Offer
DecoBike passes cost $6 per hour for non-members.
We give you the option to offer your patrons and attendees

Whole Day passes for $30
Entire Stay passes for $40

That saves a bunch of Money in transportation expenses
i.e.: parking gas, cab. etc. and Puts money in the sellers pocket
Completely secure transactions

We also give the option to put your business' or event's
Custom Branding on the bike passes you Purchase.
What you get
DecoBike offers Advertising at a wholesale price.
We also sell advertising packages as low as $1000 for a month of advertising. With that you can Market your event using:
Call Now!

Arturo Salcedo: 305.824.7715

Tourists & Locals
A quick Note..
The City of Miami had a record-breaking 89.3 million tourists in the year 2012.

A record $21.8 billion in visitor expenditures was generated in 2012.

SOURCE: City of Miami Beach & Corradino Group 2010. Prepared by: DECOBIKE, LLC
DecoBike Passes
Advertising on DecoBike Kiosks
Advertising on DecoBikes
Flyer Placement at Kiosks
Ad in Decobike Brochure/Map
Showcase on Mobile App
Social Media Promotion
An estimated 776 million vehicles pass kiosk locations in a single year.
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