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the witches

this is my book report on the withes by roald dahl

Annie Womsley

on 17 November 2010

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Transcript of the witches

The witches amazing cool interesting great pictues and a good story book Roald Dahl Quentin Blake I got this book from my nan. I read this book because it looked interesting. It is about witches wanting to turn children into mice. My favourite part is when the witches sing. My least favourite part is when bruno turns into a mouse. The pictures were. Funny scary boring happy My favourite character is the boy who turns into a mouse. = funny cute cares for family Lives with grandma When he's a mouse he looks cute as a button My not so favourite character is the grand high witch. She is mean ugly disgusting and i hate her and the witches. ugly mean wrinkly disgusting rude wears a mask and a black cloak. Recommendation Movie 8+ book 4+ Author Illustrator I give this book 8/10 because its a good book but some bits are boring. 6 cards The funnies part is when the witches turn into mice. The saddest part is when the boys parents die. The happies part is when they beat the witches. The most unbelievable part is that witches are real[in the book]. The funniest happiest saddest and most unbelievable parts This book should be read by kids they should call it the good book its got great pictures and an awsome story and when you start it you have to finish it. you read it! At the beginning the nameless boy felt sad because his parents had died. In the middle he felt scared and afraid because he didn,t know what do to with the witches. At the end he was happy because he had beaten the withches. The end middle and start Match the names What part of the story should someone handle a situatation differently. I think the part that should have been handled differently is the part when the nameless boy went into the room which was strictly private for the witches. What the nameless boy should have done is go back to his own room and play there instead of getting in trouble and turning into a mouse and he should have listened to the sign which said strictly private. Promblems Hi my name is Annie and this is my presentation on the... Who is your favourite character. why Gabbie Grandma because she tells good story's. Who is your least favourite character.why Gabbie Bruno because he's greedy. What is your favourite part.why Gabbie My favourite part is when the picture girl gets stuch in the frame and bacause it's interesting What would you give it out of ten.why Gabbie I would give it 9/10 because it's very interesting and exciting. Interveiw Thankyou for watching see you next time. The end
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