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Yr 10 Believing in God

No description

Mrs Durcan-Smith

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Yr 10 Believing in God

Unanswered Prayers
Know and understand how unanswered prayers might make someone reject the existence of God.
What do Christians pray for?
– The belief that God is all good.
– The belief that God knows everything that has happened and everything that is going to happen.
- The belief that God is all powerful.
b) Do you think God should answer all prayers? Give reasons for your answer. (4)
If a person’s prayers appear not to be answered then it causes pain.
If God is worth worshiping, he must care about us and must answers our prayers!
Or he does not exist!
Unanswered Prayers
c) Explain how unanswered prayers can cause people to reject a belief in God. (8)
Unanswered Prayers
Atheists are confident that if God existed and was omni benevolent and omniscient then surely everyone's prayers would be answered.
Many people experience suffering and pain in their lives or watch as family and friends suffer, and God seems to do nothing,
This makes it easy for some people to reject belief in God, they see millions of people praying for the same thing all over the world, such as world peace, and God does nothing.
Even for Christians, the fact that God appears not to answer prayers can cause a problem for them. It may lead to doubt and a testing of their faith.
What will happen after Bruce says yes to every prayer?
What do you think a Christian response to unanswered prayers might be?
Christian Response
Christians have to respond to the challenge of unanswered prayers.
Some Christians accept that God hears and answers all prayers, but sometimes the answer is ‘no’ or ‘not now’.
Christians believe that they have to trust God to do what is best for them.
Other Christians believe that God may have answered the prayer but not in the way that was expected or hoped for. They believe that God has an ultimate plan for them.
“If God does not answer prayers, he cannot exist”
Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion. (3)
Give reasons why someone might disagree with you. (3)
Believing in

Christian Upbringing
Know and understand how a Christian Upbringing could lead to a belief in God.
What do we inherit from our parents?
If people believe in God, or follow a religion, most of the time it’s because they have been brought up to. It is passed down from one generation to the next with the rest of the family’s culture, like a language.
In the majority of cases, Christians will have Christian parents, Muslims will have Muslim parents, atheists will have atheist parents and so on.
Move around the room filling in your table
c) Explain how a persons religious upbringing will affect their belief in God (8)
D) “A religious upbringing always helps you believe in God”
i) Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer. (3)
ii) Give reasons why someone might disagree with you. (3)
Religious Experience
Know and understand how religious experience might lead to a belief in God.
Types of Religious Experience
1) Miracles
2) Numinous
3) Conversion
4) Prayer
“An event which seems to break a natural law and for which the only explanation is God”
God is omnipotent and so must be able to perform miracles.
The Church teaches that God performs miracles.
The Bible contains miracles. There are two types of miracle in the Bible- healing and nature. E.G. Healing Jairus' Daughter and Calming the Storm
Jesus performed miracles. Jesus rose from the dead his greatest miracle.
There are modern miracles like the appearance at Knock, the appearance of the Virgin Mary to Bernadette in Lourdes and liberal miracles.

Prayer is personal way Christians communicate with God.
When someone prays to God and their prayers are answered.
The person believes God has heard them and provides them with evidence God must exist.
They also belief he is interested in them personally and this strengthens their faith.

Numinous means a feeling of awe and wonder.
Someone could get this feeling in a Holy Building or a great place or by looking at the world around them or by being in Wembley Stadium.
This could lead to a belief in God because it makes them feel close to God and that He is a part of their lives.
Conversion literally means to turn around.
A feeling of God’s presence which makes you change your life.
Like St Paul, before he was converted he used to persecute Christians. After his conversion experience on the road to Damascus he became the founder of many Christian communities.
Conversion leads to a belief in God because his presence makes you change your life.
Religious Experience
d) 'Religious experience is too unreliable to lead to belief in God' Do you agree?
i) Give reasons for your answer (3)
ii) Give reasons why someone might disagree with you (3)
Design Argument
Know and understand what the design argument is.
Trees Phone Computer

Sky Water Earth

Animals People Fish

Giraffe Cactus Dodo

Odd One Out
Look at the following pictures and in your books decide if they are designed or if they have come about by chance.
Make two tallies in your book to add up your final scores.
E.g. Chance Design
llll llll llll ll

Design or Chance
The Design Argument
The design argument is one of 5 main arguments for the existence of God.
We will focus on two of the arguments, the argument from design and the argument from causation.
These arguments try to prove God’s existence.
The design argument tries to prove God’s existence giving the appearance of design in the natural world as evidence.
Paley was born in 1743 and died in 1805.
Paley gave us the most famous part of the design argument. William Paley lived at a time when only the very rich could afford a clock or a watch.
Most people would only ever see a clock on a church tower, or on a town hall. Many would only know the time by counting the striking of the bells.
William Paley
Paley said “Suppose you had never seen a watch before. One day, when you are out walking, you find one on the ground. You open the watch and see that on the inside it is full of very intricate mechanisms.
William Paley said that everything that exists shows evidence of having been designed by an intelligent being, and that intelligent being is what we call God.
You wouldn’t think that this object had come into existence by chance. You would think that this must have been designed by a clever person to do a particular job. Even if you didn’t know what that job was.
Now said Paley, the world is like that. If you look at it carefully, you must come to the conclusion that it has been designed by an intelligent mind for a particular purpose.
The Watch Argument
Fill in the word fill
The design argument is one of the most popular arguments for the existence of God.
It is so popular because of its simplicity and because it is based on evidence. Some of the other arguments require much more thinking and are based on ideas not evidence.

The design argument like all the others is not without problems.
There are many criticisms which people put forward against the design argument.
There are 3 main criticisms:
Problem of Evil
Design faults.

The Design Argument
c) Explain how the design argument proves God’s existence (8)
What is the design argument?
Who was Paley?
What is Paley’s watch argument?
What are the strengths of the argument?

Causation Argument
Know and understand what causation is.
Know and understand Thomas Aquinas' causation argument.
Complete the word fill
c) Explain the design argument. (8)
What is today's lesson about?
Everything must have a cause
This means we can look back in chains in cause of effect

These chains can not go back forever, at some point, there must have been a “first cause”

This “uncaused cause”, this “first mover”, we call God.

b) Do you think God created the world? Give reasons for your answer (3)
Thomas Aquinas
Thomas Aquinas was born in 1225 in Italy, he was the seventh son of an Italian nobleman. His family wanted him to join a group of monks called the Benedictines, but he wanted to be a Dominican monk instead. When he ran away to join the Dominicans, his brothers kidnapped him and brought him back. His family finally allowed him to join the Dominicans. As part of the Dominicans, Aquinas had the opportunity to study ancient Greek philosophers, such as Plato and Aristotle. His goal became proving God’s existence through reason, the tool of philosophy.
Before Thomas Aquinas, people believed that faith in God was in conflict with philosophy. Aquinas, a monk, set out to change that belief. He believed that Aristotle’s "unmoved mover," a supreme being whose existence at the beginning of time set the universe in motion, was the same as the Christians’ God, who created all things. He believed that without God there was no universe because "to take away the cause is to take away the effect." Aquinas provided five proofs that show the existence of God in his book Summa Contra Gentiles. Aquinas also believed that all living things had souls, and that people's souls had the ability to reason.
Aquinas' most famous work was Summa Theologica which he died before he could finish in 1274.
Aquinas was made a saint and a doctor of the Catholic Church one of only 33 inlcluding Anselm and Augustine.
Create a Facebook profile for Thomas Aquinas
Aquinas' Causation Argument
Arguments for God's Existence
There are five arguments for the existence of God:
The Teleological (Design) Argument
The Cosmological (Causation) Argument from Aquinas
The Ontological Argument
The Moral Argument
The Kalam Cosmological Argument
c) Explain the Causation argument. (8)
Write a tweet from Thomas Aquinas about his latest book Summa Theologica.
Scientific Explanations
Know and understand how scientific explanations of the world can stop belief in God.
c) Explain one argument for the existence of God. (8)
Why might this video be a problem for Christians?
Some people do not believe in God. They are called atheists and not believing in God is called atheism.
Other people are unsure about what to believe and claim we cannot know whether God exists or not. These people are called agnostics. Not being sure whether God exists is called agnosticism.
For people who do not believe in God, there appear to be other explanations about the origins of the world rather than those of design or causation.
Non- Belief in God
Believing in God
Scientific Explanations for the world
One of the most popular scientific theories is the ‘big bang’.
In it’s simplest form, this is the idea than an explosion of matter took place about 15billion years ago, and from this explosion, the world came into being and continues to expand and evolve without involvement from any outside power.
This stops people from believing in God because it removes the need for an un-caused first cause.
The Big Bang
Charles Darwin came to the conclusion that all living things have evolved over a period of time to suit the environment in which they found themselves.
Each generation of animal therefore improved and evolved to survive.
According to modern scientists, apes have common genetic material with human beings and this indicates that humans evolved from apes.
This stops belief in God because their is evidence of evolution like fossils.
What question does science not have an answer for?
One of the key reasons that these theories lead people to doubt God’s existence is because they are supported by evident that can be seen and tested. For example, fossils have been found that show the development of some animals into more complex forms.
C) Explain why non-religious explanations of the world may lead some people to become atheists (8)

Include: What the big bang is.
Why it stops belief in God
What evolution is
Why it stops belief in God
Christian Responses to Science
Know and understand how different Christian denominations respond to scientific explanations of the world.
What would you regard as evidence of God's existence?
When someone presents an argument against God, with reasons and evidence, Christians have to respond to it.
They must weigh up the information presented and suggest ways in which this information dos not challenge their faith in a supreme God.
When presented with scientific explanations of the origins of the world, Christians respond in different ways.
Christian Response
Liberal = Non Conformists
Fundamental= Evangelical
Conservative= Catholic
Some Christians reject the scientific explanations. They argue that the accounts of creation in Genesis are the truth and can be supported by faith and evidence.
They believe that the Bible is fact, they think it is true in every way.
They believe the world was created by an omnipotent God in six days.
Evangelical Protestants
Some Christians believe that the physical form of the world can be explained without God, but the beauty within cannot.
The world is so beautiful and mysterious that there must have been a power behind its beginning and that must be God.

Other Christians believe the Bible can be interpreted and that the message and meaning are true, but that some stories in the Bible are meant to represent a greater truth and are not actually what happened.
They accept that science tells us how the world came into being, but the Bible tells us why it came into being.

d) ‘The big bang theory proves God does not exist.’
Give reasons for your answer (3)
Give reasons why someone might disagree with you(3)
Why might some Christians
have a problem with Ida?
c) Explain how Christians respond to the scientific explanation of the world. (8)
The Problem of Evil
Know and understand why the problem of evil stops belief in God.
Write a list of 10 evil things
Label them as either natural or moral evil
Rank them 1- most evil to 10- least evil
Write a sentence explaining your top and bottom choice
There are two main types of evil:
Natural evil refers to suffering that is caused by nature e.g. The earthquake in Haiti.
Moral evil is suffering caused by human beings e.g. The holocaust.
Problem of Evil and Suffering
Everyone in life experiences things that cause them to suffer, from stubbing their toe to watching a loved one die. This appears to be part of life.
Many people link suffering and evil together- suffering is what happens after an act of evil.
Christian Beliefs About God
God is Omnipotent
All Powerful
God is Omniscient
All Knowing
God is Omnibenevolent
All Loving
Yet Evil Still Exists?
God is Omnipotent -Therefore he must be able to stop evil happening
God is Omnibenevolent -Therefore he must want to stop suffering.
God is Omniscient -Therefore he must know the suffering evil causes.
The Problem of Evil
The existence of evil and suffering can lead people to _______ the idea of God existing. If God is ____________ ( all powerful) then he must be able to do something about the suffering that is going on in the world. If God is __________ (All knowing) then he must be aware ___________ is happening. If God is ______________ then he must care about the suffering that the world goes through.
However, evil does happen in the world. Some people would argue this means God cannot be _____, all loving and all powerful otherwise he would do something about it. In fact, some people would say He ________ exist.
The Problem of Evil and Suffering
Why might this problem stop belief in God?
d) ‘It is the existence of evil which causes most people to turn away from God’ Do you agree?
i) Give reasons for your answer(3)
ii) Give reasons why someone might disagree with you (3)
c) Explain why the existence of evil and suffering may lead some to deny the existence of God (8)
Firstly explain what we mean by evil by giving an example of both natural and moral evil.
Now explain why some people would say these “evils” are inconsistent with the God Christians worship
Evil and Suffering
Know and understand the Christian response to evil and suffering.
The Inconsistent Triad
Yet Evil Exists???
Move around the room and fill in your sheet
c) Explain how Christians respond to the problem of evil and suffering. (8)

Freewill means that in choices of right and wrong it is genuinely up to us what we do. You and no other can decide. You and no other are directly responsible for your actions. If we didn't have freewill we would have no responsibility for our actions.
d) 'Evil and suffering mean God cannot exist' Do you agree?
i) Give reasons for your answer (3)
ii) Give reasons why someone might disagree with you (3)
b) Should evil and suffering cause people to stop believing in God? Give reasons for your answer (4)
What are the features of a Christian Upbringing?

Memory Game
You have 30 seconds to look at the pictures on the slide and try and remember as many as you can.
When the time is up write what you remember in the back of your book.
Peer Assessment
1 Reason = 2 Marks
2 Reasons= 4 Marks
3 Reasons= 6 Marks
4 Reasons= 8 Marks
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