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The Black Plague

No description

Erin Ducote

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of The Black Plague

The Black Plague Presentation by: Annie Brittain,
Erin Ducoté, and Jacob Schurman Names and Fun Things Bibliography Ring Around the Rosy Fun Facts! Names of the Black Plague How it Started Shakespeare
the Plague Symptoms Symptoms
Shakespeare A flea was infected with a bacteria, the flea bit the rat,
the rat bit a man, and the man coughed and sneezed and
passed it around... Enlarged lymph nodes called buboes
Adbominal Pain
Broken blood vessels Shakespeare had great fear of the Black Plague
because it killed his friends and siblings The Black Death
The Pestilence
The Bubonic Plague
The Blue Sickness
The Great Mortality
This popular children's game was really a nursery rhyme
about the Black Plague. Still affects people today
Jews were accused of causing the plague.
People believed it was transmitted by bad smells.
Many didn't bathe because they thought the disease would seep into their pores.
Cologne and perfume were used very often to coverup the fact that no one bathed. Alchin, Linda. "Elizabethan Medicine and Illnesses." Elizabethan Era, 16 May 2012. Web. 8 January 2013.

Alchin, Linda. "Ring Around the Rosy Rhyme." Nursery Rhymes- Lyrics and Origins, 16 November 2007. Web. 8 January 2013.

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"Bubonic Plague Symptoms." eMedTV. Web. 4 January 2013. Wheeler, Dr. L Kip. "The Black Plague: The Least You Need to Know." Dr. Wheeler's Website, 2 January 2012. Web. 8 January 2013.

"41 Interesting Facts About The Black Death." Random Facts, 9 June 2009. Web. 4 January 2013.
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