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St. Michael The Archangel

No description

Dario S-V

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of St. Michael The Archangel

St. Michael The Archangel By: Dario Sciullintano-Viscoso St. Michael was never born nor has died because he is an angel. He has an eternal life and was raised and lives in Heaven His feast day is on September 29th and May 8th. He is the patron saint of police, marines, and sickness Some representations of St. Michael are balance, dragon scales, a sword, and a banner. St. Michael's name means "Who is like God?" which is also the battle cry of the army of heaven! He was never canonized since he is not a saint but is recognized as a saint because of his holiness I Chose St. Michael the Archangel as my saint because he has been a saint that I have had an interest in for a long time. My dad used to work at St. Michaels school and always used to talk about this saint, and I think that's why I've always had an interest with him. Another reason I chose St. Michael is because he is a good role model. He is very holy, and Technically isn't a saint he is an angel, but he is recognized as a saint because of his holiness. He is also a protector and stood up for what is right. He was the archangel that banished Lucifer (the devil) out of heaven. These are some reasons why I chose this saint. This saint inspires me because he is a good role model. He stood up for what was right and had a lot of courage. He lead the Army of Heaven to banish Lucifer out of Heaven and into the lake of fire. St. Michael was also very Holy. Even though he is an angel he is recognized as a saint because of how Holy he was. He inspires me to be more Holy and also have courage in my day to day life and not to doubt myself.

Some gifts this saint displays in his life are courage and knowledge. when he was leading the Army of Heaven he had to have a lot of courage to face him and he had to believe in himself. He also had the gift of knowledge which allowed him to make better choices in his life, and chose the right paths to follow in God's footsteps better. St. Michael can guide me through life by showing me the right paths and choices to follow to be more like Jesus and God. He can also give me more knowledge of God as he has. Lastly he can give me strength and courage through my day to day life. Even though St. Michael is an angel, he is very holy and thus is called a saint. He is a good role model and has many gifts to offer to me and to others in their lives. "Who is like God?", St. Michael is like God. Thank you.
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