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Pobre Ana Project

No description

Fadi Alzammar

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Pobre Ana Project

Pobre Ana Capítulo Uno Capítulo Dos Capítulo Tres Capítulo Cuatro Capítulo Cinco Capítulo Siete Capítulo Nueve Capítulo Ocho Capítulo Seis Ana Robert Ellen Don Patty Ernesto Julia Juana Susana Pablo Juan Ana is a 15 year old girl who thinks that
she is poor. She attends West Torrance High School in Long Beach, California. She has many problems with her family. Her mom will not let her have chocolate, her brother is mean and lazy, and her dad is cheap. Her friends have expensive cars, wear Calvin Klein, and go to fancy stores while she doesn't have a car, she doesn't have much clothes, and what she does have isn't very good, and she shops at Walmart. Her friends also have no problems with their families. If she asks her dad for money, he doesn't give her any. When her friends and their dads, they do get money. Ana wakes up at 7:00 AM one day, and
realizes she left her yellow history book somewhere and asks her mother to help her look for it. She tells her that she is too busy. Ana becomes very sad because she thinks her mother believes Ana isn't important. She asks her brother, but he is watching TV and does nothing. She decides to look for it herself and finds it on her bed in her bedroom. That day she sees her friend with a new blue dress. She wishes she could have one, as blue is her favorite color. Her teacher tells her about Mexico. She asks her dad if she can go to Mexico, and he eventually says yes. Her teacher tells Ana that Mexico is very
different. There are many families in Mexico without any money. Her friends and family take her to the airport in Los Angeles. She goes to Mexico in the Mexican airline. In three hours she arrives in Guadalajara. The Sanchez family, the family she will she staying with, is not at the airport. Ana talks to a man named Jose, who gets her a taxi. She is taken to the Sanchez family and meets everyone after introducing herself. They talk about their daily lives and who their own families. So far Ana likes Mexico. Ana wakes up at 9:00 AM. Juana and Susana, members of the Sanchez family, invite Ana to the town center. They first go to the gym, which Ana likes. She watches people there. Then, they go to the park. Not very many people are there. After, they go to the pool, which is named Piscina Municipal. There are many people. Next they go in a bus. This takes them to Efrente de Gigante. Ana sees many families. Tortillas are sold here. They do not cost much. Ana doesn't have Mexican money, however, so she goes to the bank to exchange American to Mexican money. She had 12 dollars. She buys a taco for three pesos. It is very different from a Taco Bell taco. She likes the taco. Finally the three go to the Sanchez house and fall asleeo in their bedrooms. Ana goes back to the gym and meets a girl
named Patricia. She invites Ana to come to house for an hour. They enter the house and the mother of Patricia meets Ana. They welcome her to Mexico. The girls go to Patricia's bedroom. Ana tells Patricia about herself. Patricia also tells about herself to Ana. Patricia becomes confused when Ana talks about a gordita. Ana explains that it is a food sold at Taco Bell. Patricia becomes interested in food eaten in California. They then talk about schools. Ana tells Patricia that her school has 2,000 students, is public, and does not require uniform. Patricia goes to a private school that does require uniform. Ana does not have religous classes, but Patricia does. Eventually Ana goes back to the Sanchez home an sleeps. One night Ana goes to a dance. It is in the
town center. Patricia and Ana dance. There are many people. One guy look sat Ana. He invites her to dance.His name is Pérez, Ricardo Pérez. Ana tells him she is from California. He tells her she speaks alot of Spanish. He teaches her how to dance, as he is an expert dancer, and she learns in only half and hour. After she asks if he has a girlfriend, to which he responds no. They describe each others' families. Eventually, Patricia tells Ana that it is getting very late and have to go. Ricardo hears and offers for them to come to his house, which is only ten minutes away from the dance. They go to his house. Finally, Ana leaves Ricardo. Ana now returns to California, leaving the Sanchez family. This is a special day for Ana. She will be able to see her old friends and family. Before she does, however, she goes to Patricia's house, and there Patricia tells her that she is special and her favorite friend. Then she goes to Ricardo's house. They say goodbye to each other. The Sanchez family accompanies Ana to the airport. She eventually arrives in Los Angelos. "Hola!" is what she tells her friends and family, who were waiting at the airport for her. Ana goes to her house. She is happy that she is with her friends and family. She is sad that she is not in Mexico anymore. Ana goes in the car and says that she likes the
car. She is happy because her family is in the car. She exclaims that her house is big and that it belongs to a rich family. Ana goes to school and feels very different. Her friends want a new Ford Mustang. They have lots of new clothes. Ana does not. She receives a letter from Ricardo and she sends a letter back to him. He sends his on August 20th and she sends hers September 3rd, almost half of a month apart from the other. They both tell about how they have been doing since they last met and Ana tells about the differences of how she feels, now that she is back from Mexico in California with her friends and family. They also discuss their classes and schools, seeing how they are similar and different from each other. Ana talks to the student body president, Paul. Ana wants to start a school-wide project. She wants students to donate clothes and money to be sent to those less fortunate in Mexico. Paul believes this is a great idea and likes it very much. They prepare a plan. There is a school dance. Rather than pay with money, the people attending pay by donating clothes for the project. In total $235 is collected. The clothes and money is sent to Mexico via a UPS truck. It arrives at the school Ricardo, Patricia, and Susana attend. Ana realizes something eventually. She realizes that her life is perfect and smiles because of realizing this.
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