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Sales Academy - Preparing Yourself for Success on a Virtual Team

No description

Anthony Cessario

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Sales Academy - Preparing Yourself for Success on a Virtual Team

Anthony Who?
Some Background...
Quick Introduction
- Addt'l detail on the 3 keys
- 3 Keys to focus on
Virtual Collaboration
Our Goals for Today
- If nothing else, I want you to
leave here with three action items
that you’ll commit to completing in order to collaborate successfully with your extended virtual team in FY16.
Our Goals for Today…
Set You Up for Success
- Send you off with a few tools/nuggets
- Send you off with a
for success
(whatever that means to you)
Identify Clear Next Steps
This is an extremely self-service environment at Oracle. Having internal advocates that can help you on your journey is worth its weight in gold when you're in a crunch (BTW, the end of EVERY quarter turns in to a crunch).
Keys to
Successful Collaboration
at Oracle
Data is King, and there can only be one king.
Start building out your internal team of advocates.
Effective Cadence.
In order to collaborate with your virtual peers effectively at Oracle, it is absolutely critical that there be a single source of truth when it comes to account data.
Set good habits and be sure to get the most use out of the time invested in cadence calls. Hold others accountable to action items if they ask to coordinate regular calls.
Any key data on a customer, prospect, contact, opportunity, etc. needs to be cataloged in our CRM in a way that all key stakeholders can view this data easily.

Effective Collaboration
If the data isn't in Sales Cloud (CRM), it doesn't exist.
Effective Collaboration
"Start building out your internal team of advocates."
Effective Collaboration
Regular cadence meetings are very popular at Oracle, just be sure to consistently be driving value from these sessions.
"Effective Cadence."
Having the ability to work closely with our peers from other pillars and partners is a key differentiator for us at Oracle. When conducting cadence meetings with these other teams, if nobody else has, take the lead on the discussion and ask to set specific milestones to target over the next several meetings.
Effective Collaboration
Be Commitment Focused –
When making commitments to others, or when asking other to make commitments to you; identify and agree upon the
conditions of satisfaction
, follow through on the commitment and then verify satisfaction with the other party.
"Your only as good as your commitments."
Conditions of Satisfaction =
What needs to be done?
How will it be measured?
What resources will be supplied?
How'd we do?
Become experts on all the technology solutions that are in place currently to help us collaborate as an org.
- Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM)
- OSN (Oracle Social Network)
- Pidgeon
Why I'm working so hard...
This is important
. You should be able to stop at any moment and know exactly why it is your willing to work harder than anyone else (or not).
An action framework for collaborating successfully on a virtual team at Oracle

"Data is king, and there can only be one king."

Regional Vice-President (RVP)
Regional Manager (RM)
Application Sales Manager (ASM)
Application Sales Rep (ASR)
Business Development Rep (BDC)
Territory Team
Oracle Direct Team
Your counterparts across the region
Your counterparts across the division
Other RMs Across the Division
Other Resources in the Region
Other RMs across the Region
Other ASMs across the Region
Customer Success Specialist (CSS)
Other Oracle Sales Teams in the Region
(Territory Team for Each)
Business Intelligence (BI)
Other Internal Resources
Deal Management
- NADAPP/HQAPP Approvers
- Lawyers
Regional Field Marketing
North America Field Marketing
Demand Generation
Product Marketing
. You're dealing with PEOPLE, not positions or roles (ie, ASM, ASR, SC...), remeber the Golden Rule
Every single relationship that you manage will be unique in some way. Do NOT assume that you know the best way to work with someone until you share some time with them.
Get to know the
on the teams.
Give honest and sincere thanks/praise whenever you can.
Brainstorming Activity
Keys to Effective Brainstorming
- Suspend all judgment
- Good Ideas = Bad Ideas!
- Respect and build off other’s opinions
of Ideas
Brainstorming Activity: 5min Exercise
In Your Groups, Pick Your
Note Taker
- Writes EVERY idea down, Fast!
- Ensures that everyone participates and that every idea gets written down.
Brainstorming Activity: 5min Exercise
When I say "Go!"
You have 150 seconds to write down 30+ ideas for how to get every person in this room a Tesla by 2016.
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