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The Symbolic Frame

No description

Holly BoBolly

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of The Symbolic Frame

Organizational Process as Theater
Thank you for the lovely time!
Any questions?

When production and results are hard to measure, correct appearance and presentation become the prevailing gauge of effectiveness.
Institutional traditions in the symbolic frame

Organization is a Theater
Dramaturgical traditions in the symbolic frame
4. Game:
Let‘s Make Culture!

6. The Symbolic Frame Summary
The problem was that these elements were not correctly integrated.
Corporate branding: strategic vision, organizational culture, and corporate images - the way the organization is perceived by everyone from stakeholders to the general public.

BA: British Airways or Bloody Awful?

Secrets in the Theater
Let's Make Culture!

Using given values create

1. Airline name

2. Logo
a. Create a Myths, Heroes & heroines, or fairy tale behind your logo

3. Vision

5. Organization as a Theater
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