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angry birds:the new pac-man fever

a long prezi about angry birds history, fandom, and more

david denhartog

on 2 May 2012

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Transcript of angry birds:the new pac-man fever

angry birds history development started in 2003 when rovio mobile was founded then they forgot about it after a ton of games one day they restarted the project after coming across it in office then it grew to be the #one paid app in many countries so they made the holloween spin-off which later became seasons as they added more holidays then they tied in with the upcoming fox movie rio finally they started a golden egg hunt to hint to another upcoming game although it leads to stuff we already found on the internet a somewhat funny video starring mike tyson about angry birds they eventually stopped the hunt from being on the pause screen the rio level in the orginal (football egg) can you read this? "the ultimate angry birds fan site"
www.angrybirdsnest.com look at the little
birdies! videos angry birds vs. mario friendship video three big pigs mighty eagle trailer peace treaty in-game trailer rio trailer orginal trailer if you can read this you dont need glasses angry birds vs tiny wings
since then it was removed they later added the mighty eagle to rio and seasons along with more episodes for all 3 games such as... birday party... surf and turf (previously an
AB facebook exclusive smugglers plane, trophy room and golden beach ball for rio and the season episodes mooncake festival, hamo'ween, year of the dragon, wreck the halls, and cherry blossoms (rovio mobile musthave a thing for china and asia) oh! and there's also summer pignic. then all of a sudden came angry birds space (and one update is for that game so far...) rovio mobile also offically sponsered angrybirdsnest.com they also updated AB orginal (not seasons) to work more like rio and space and there's 2 more birds now. orange bird and the ice bird they also redisigned some of the orginal birds for AB space (but i won't show them to you for personal reasons) will it ever end??? because i don't think so... oh yeah and rovio almost sold off AB to zynga for 2,000,000,000 USD, but (thankfully) turned zynga's offer down. just so you know i have 109 paths now so i'll skip the arrow for the next part
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