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PASS WS - Avoid Reteaching

No description

rose lehl

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of PASS WS - Avoid Reteaching

How to Avoid Reteaching ?
How to Avoid Reteaching ?
Avoiding Reteaching
What is reteaching ?
Repeating content or solutions already imparted to the student by the lecturer or tutor
1. Redirection :

- Directing discussion to the group
- Referring students to other sources of answers
Let's say in a lecture, given the following explanation ....

Four main operations of an Information System:
Entering data into the IS (
Changing and manipulating the data in the IS (data
Getting information out of the IS (
Storing data and information (
"Let's do an activity "
How can you help the student to understand the facts.
Possible solution :
use another scenario such as : if you would like to find what is the Celsius value for 212 F, what would you do ?
Can you think of another way to assist the student to remember the four components ?
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