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My summer holidays:*

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Transcript of My summer holidays:*

At last there came summer.I finished Class 7! People usually go on vacation in the summer, but many of my friends were in Langepas in June and we spent a lot of time together.
On the first of June the amusement park "Begemot" opened. There were many people!
I spent the night at Dana's. I, Dana and Dasha made many funny photos on this day.
Vlad Romashko went to St. Peterburg forever. Before it I, Dasha, Vitya, Vlad ahd Vadim went to the country house.
We bathed in the river in clothes. It was very cheerful. Further we went to "Begemot".
Olya has a country house too, and we went there a few times. One time we roasted hot dogs, they were very tasty.
This month was very warm so we sunbathed and went to the river.
Almost every day I was walking with friends.
This month was very
July has already come! This month was a very hot!
I decided to go to work for the kindergarten 3. I like this kindergarten:* I worked with two girls and two boys. We helped to get in groups, watered the flowers, played with children:) It was very interesting! All children loved us.
Every day after work I, Dana and Dasha went for a walk, watched different funny movies;)
One day I, Dana, Dasha and Nastya went for a walk, took photos and called Shamil and Artem. We took many beautiful photos:)
Gleb (younger brother of Dana's) birthday is in July!
We brought a lot of sweets for Gleb. We drank tea with a cake and played different funny games:)
I, Sonya, Gleb and Dana went to Begemot)
Dana came up to do a photo session - masked.
One day I spent the night with Dasha:* When I came, we drank tea and watched the movie. We talked all night and slept very late.
This month was unforgettable! The first time I got paid. Next month, I'll go to work.
This month was cold:(
I worked in road operational management. There I found a lot of new friends.
In August, Dasha and Dana went on vacation, but came Yana.
We almost every day went to ride a bike and went to the swimming pool.
Also I, my younger sister Sonya and Yana went to the cinema and watched a funny cartoon "Ice Age"
Last day of August
All summer I was in langepas, but I spent the 3 months with a lot of fun!
I really missed the school and friends!

by Nastya Komendantova
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