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German Food

my first prezi: a short introduction to german food

Agnes Lang

on 12 April 2012

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Transcript of German Food

but the food mostly known by foraingners is: sauerkraut, dumplings and roasted pork

called "Schweinebraten" sausages are also well known; there are over a 1000 different kinds of it;
i would call them the "german fastfood" as they are everywere available and of course brezels;
very nice with butter one of the most famous are white sausages from bavaria: and the curry sausage, mostly famous in berlin: but, as a matter of fact: german food varies from region to region and is often influenced by the neighbour countries In the south there are many dishes similiar to the austrian food; in the north many fish dishes just like in sweden and denmark; in the south-west there are many dishes influenced by the french kitchen like quisches and "flankuchen"; especially black bread bread is very essectial to the german and austrian kitchen; it is eaten during the day for breakfast and snack or comes along with a proper meal for stews and cold plates
i think it`s similar to asian rice or corean kimchi german food is sometimes fat, sometimes nutrishing, sometimes very healthy and often just delicious but next to bread and meat there are also a lot of vegetarian dishes; like spinach with fried eggs and potatoes sweet dishes are also very popular; like "Kaiserschmarrn" made out of floor, milk and eggs, baked in a pan with sugar and almonds, and eaten with apple or plum puree "yummy" and of course there are lot`s of cakes and sweet pastries; very famous is the "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte", made with cream, chocolate andcherrys, but there are many good ones, wether with or without cream, fruits, chocolate.... one of my favourites is the Cheesecake or dumplings with mushrooms or asparagus with Sauce Hollondaise, a very famous dish in April and May... but there are not only "traditional dishes", in recent years turkish food became very popular, escpecially the "Döner" as a fast meal and of course pizza and pasta from Italy; germans love the mediterian kitchen German food is very multisided and every season has it`s special food:
in Spring Asparagus; in Summer fresh fruits and vegetables
in Autum mushrooms and vension and in winter warm stews.... something very popular in winter, especially around Christmas are the "Plätzchen",-small cookies and "Stollen"- barn cakes with dried fruits,
in all kinds of tastes and forms... of course they are very popular among childern German Food
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