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Negotiating ByA Higher Standard

ORGB 633

Jay Hewlin

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Negotiating ByA Higher Standard

Negotiating By A Higher Standard
ORGB 325 June 1, 2015

Lying is based on four things:
What you say?
What you don't say?
What you do?
What you don't do?
When you lie, you are saying I am afraid:
That I won’t get what I want without lying;
Of being accountable for what I said (did);
To Face myself and critically examine my character;
That if everyone else is doing it, I won't be able to keep up with the crowd -- I'm no better than anyone else.
When you lie, you have concluded:
“I am neither smart nor creative enough to come up with a productive proposal or solution to this problem.” “Lying is the fastest way out and there will be no consequences. If there are consequences, I can deal with the consequences.”
The Goal is Freedom
Professor Jay A. Hewlin, Esq.
Of course, other factors include the timing, the place, the particular people, etc.
You are also acting out the underlying feeling of disrespect for the other person and/or the process and yourself for that matter.
When you lie you:
Risk losing credibility
Lose the opportunity to create value
Diminish your capacity to develop
Diminish the value of the relationship.
Loose the opportunity to restore what's left of the relationship.
Build suspicion into your mind and heart, making it difficult to trust others.
I lie, so they probably will too.
The Truth:
Empowers you when lived on a consistent basis.
It frees you from the fears associated and further perpetuated by a pattern of dishonesty.
Requires discipline beyond what is comfortable or even natural.
Demands a high level of personal integrity, subtlety, confidence, business savy, and innocence that is seldom seen.

Leads to lies!
Lies lead to:
More Fear!
The Truth
Initially may lead to fear, but courage, which overrides fear enlarges and positions you for:
The Truth
Freedom, Greater Confidence, Self-respect, the trust of others, sustainable success, etc.
Choose Wisely
Interestingly enough, your tongue (metaphorically speaking) and your hands control your destiny.
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