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Post-Secondary Pathways Workshop

Post-Secondary Pathways Workshop for HF

Renée Rawlins

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of Post-Secondary Pathways Workshop

Post-Secondary Pathways
GTA Post-Secondary Presentations
Period 1: Auditorium
Ontario Universities, Colleges and Apprenticeship Workshops
Period 2: See your personalized schedule
University Fair
Lunch: Girls’ Gym
Upcoming Student Services Events
"What do I do if I need more information?"
Accelerated Apprenticeship Programs start February 2017.
These programs are for College-ready students who are eligible to graduate at the end of June 2017.
They combine FREE apprenticeship trade school (all or part of Level ONE) with a co-op placement.
These programs are highly competitive
Candidates are chosen based on best qualifications among several Boards of Education.
Post-Secondary Admission Requirements
6 Grade 12U or M courses, including all required courses.
See www.electronicinfo.ca
all required courses
Grade 11 & Grade 12 subjects, at the C, U or M level
See www.ontariocolleges.ca
There are 5 main types of programs at most universities:
Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences
Life or Health Sciences
SBI4UI, SCH4U1, SPH4U1 (2)
University Math
Physical or Engineering Sciences (85% average+)
SPH4U1, SBI4UI, SCH4U1 (2)
Supplementary Application Form
Business (85%+ average)
Recommended: BOH4M1, BBB4M1 and/or BAT4M1
Supplementary Application Form
Fine Arts
Grade 12 Arts credit(s)
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
You will need
All compulsory credits to be complete before the end of semester 1.
Literacy test or OSSLT to be complete before the end of semester 1.
Community service hours to be complete before the end of semester 1.
A minimum of 24 -26 credits (dependent on program applying for) accumulated before the end of semester 1.
Previous experience in the trade, either in co-op, the workplace or technology classes is required for these programs.
Toronto Universities
and College

Twitter: @LaurierGuidance
Scholarships & Grants
Ontario Universities
-schools need to make up a certain percentage of minorities for diversity on there campus.
-some schools may bend the rules.
Ontario Colleges
GTA University Campus Tours
October 15, 2014
UOIT, York University, University of Toronto, Ryerson University
GTA College Campus Tours
Centennial College, Durham College, George Brown College
Excursion Forms Available Today
Accelerated OYAP Checklist
Researching Post-Secondary Options
Visit www.myBlueprint.com
Visit eINFO (www.electronicinfo.ca), to see what each university has to offer.
Read the OUAC 101 Instruction Booklet as well as the 101 Addenda (both available at www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101/) to get the most up-to-date program information.
Check out the college/university publications, websites and tours.
Talk to counsellors, family, teachers and friends.
Write down your program choices and codes and keep them handy.
University and College Admissions Service
Centralized admissions process for all UK universities (similar to OUAC)
Online application form
One form ... one fee
5 choices permitted (4 for med, dent, vet) (courses or institutions
Applying to University in the UK
Key UCAS Dates
1st September - applications open
15th October - deadline for Oxbridge and for
Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science courses
15th January - deadline for UK and EU students
30th June - final deadline for overseas students
Recommend early application
Accommodation deadlines vary by institution
Vary per institution and per programme
Competitive institutions are selective
Popular subjects may have higher requirements
Overseas qualifications accepted
Additional tests
LNAT (Law), BMAT (Medicine)
Some subjects require interviews, portfolios
UCAS Entry Requirements
"Show me the money ...."
Cash that must be repaid.
Something given to recognize a person’s merit and accomplishments, according to criteria outlined by the person or institution granting the award. Award can be monetary, certificates, trophies or public acknowledgements.
Does not require repayment.
A monetary award that is granted to a student based on financial need
Does not require repayment
A monetary award given to a student to help thatperson continue his/her studies.
Does not require repayment.
Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides student financial assistance for university, college, or post secondary school.
Apply once you have accepted an offer for a post-secondary program
Everything is done online at www.osap.gov.on.ca
Full financial disclosure for you and your parents is required
This must be paid back!!!!
What is a scholarship?
Financial aid provided to a student in order to fund their academic studies.
Amounts vary from dollars to thousands of dollars.
What is a scholarship based on?
Criteria outlined by the person or institution granting the award.
Examples of categories include:
Academic merit
Financial need
Ethnic/racial background
Extracurricular activities
Many more categories
What you may need to apply:
A letter of recommendation from your school.
Reference letters
Minimum average mark
Nomination by the school
Strict adherence to application deadlines
Upcoming Events
Post-Secondary Information Night for Parents -
September 20
Ontario University Fair @ MTCC -
September 23-25
Go Global Expo @ Mattamy Athletic Centre
- September 24-25
Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI Post-Secondary Pathways Fair -
September 27
Study and Go Abroad Fair -
October 1-2
Student Life Expo at the MTCC -
October 15-16
Ontario College Information Fair @ Direct Energy Center (Exhibition Place) -
October 17-18
GTA Campus Tours University Edition -
October 26
GTA Campus Tours College Edition -
Excursion forms available this Friday in Student Services for the
GTA Campus Tours University Edition
Only 46 Seats Available
First come first serve to bring back signed forms and $20
Applying to University Outside of Ontario
Students should apply directly to the university in other Provinces
Visit the university website
Visit Student Services for available viewbooks
Sending transcripts/grades
Some universities in Canada can access OUAC for grades
In most cases, students will require an official transcript (plus their semester 2 mid-term report card)
Canadian universities will often outline the specific Ontario pre-requisites for their programs
Applying to University in the U.S.
Application Package (different for each school)
SAT is sometimes required
Definitely needed for athletic scholarship
Ensure the results are sent to the universities
Original Transcripts sent directly from Laurier to the university at student's request
Proof of Finances
Must be able to show access to finances to cover a year’s worth of school expenses
Submit applications by December (or noted deadline)
SAT Information
The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an admissions test designed to evaluate your verbal, math reasoning, and writing skills. Mainly used for admission to US post-secondary schools.
Needed for SOME applications to U.S. schools
Needed for ALL students trying to get an athletic scholarship in the U.S.
Cost: $51+ (non-US Regional Fees)
Post-Secondary Pathways Fair
eInfo - How to Research Ontario Universities
OUAC - How to Apply to Ontario Universities
Ontario Colleges - Applying to Ontario Colleges
The TOEFL® Test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) measures the ability of non-native speakers of English to use and understand English as it is spoken, written, and heard in college and university settings.
Who may need to take this test:
Students in ESL classes
Students who have only been in Canada for a limited time.
Students whose first language is not English

Required for university and college admissions
What Next?
1. Sign up for your first (1st) and second
(2nd) choice of workshop
3. Start your post-secondary research
4. Attend the Post-Secondary Pathways
Fair and go to the workshop on your personalized agenda
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