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Independent and Dependent Variables

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Emily Hasler

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent and Dependent Variables
What is the Relationship Between Independent and Dependent Variables?
In order to have a dependent variable you need to have an independent variable because the dependent variable "depends" on the independent variable
How Do Independent and Dependent variables affect MATH?
In math, the independent variable affects or changes the dependent variable. Let's say that Ann is trying to find the price for her water bill. If she uses 300 gallons of water, she has to pay $30.00. If she uses 525 gallons of water, she has to pay $52.50. The gallons of water is the independent variable and the total cost is the dependent variable
How Do Independent and Dependent Variables affect Science?
If you have a science fair project and you want to measure the height of different types of bouncy balls, your independent variable would be the type of ball and your dependent variable would be the height that the bouncy ball goes because of the type of ball it is.
What is an Independent Variable?
An independent variable is one that you can change or alter
What is a Dependent Variable?
A dependent variable is one that you can't change.
By: Julie Hasler
MATH Class Project
How to graph independent and dependent variables
*The independent variable is always "x"
*The dependent variable is always "y"
*When graphing,
Do Not
connect the cordinates
Learn Zillion #3484
Mr. Barefoot
Independent Variable
Dependent Variable
*The independent variable is the variable that is varied or manipulated by the researcher
*Independent variables are fine alone, they don't need the dependent variable
*You aren't doing anything wrong if you have an independent variable being independent
*Is always in an experiment
*The dependent variable is response that is measured
*The dependent variable has to have an independent variable
*If you see a plain dependent variable then you did it wrong or the person doing the math or experiment messed up.
*Doesn't have to be in an experiment
*Both variables could be found in an experiment
*You can find both types of variable on a cordinate plane
*You can find both both variables in an equation
Zippy the Space Hamster is doing an experiment on how much water comes out of a broken faucet per minute. He ends up with 43 drops per minute. If Zippy wants to include 52 extra drops for when Pippy did the dishes, how many drops would the faucet leak?
Use a table and a cordinate plane.
Practice problem continued
Do not use every single number that I am using

Julie Hasler

Julie Hasler

Julie Hasler
Julie Hasler
Math Teacher
Mr. Barefoot
Prezi Image Search Engine

*The independent variable is always considered to be "x"
*The dependent is always considered to be "y"
*In a distance over time senerio, time is the independent variable while distance is the dependent variable
*You don't always have to have a dependent variable
*Independent and dependent variables are used in both math(equations and graphing) and Science(experiments)
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