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Standard Mobile App Features

No description

Breanna Lewis

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Standard Mobile App Features

mobile app features
Adding Items to An Order
Customer Suggestions
On the pre-loaded shopping lists- add a separate "Miscellaneous" category where items can be added that the customer does not buy from Standard Supply. When these items are chosen and "added" to the cart, they won't be added to the order but instead it will send an email notification to the master contact on file so that they are automatically notified of items we can't sell them.
Home Screen
add items
technical help
Product Detail (after item has been scanned)
Sign up
Sign up mimics Supply on Demand sign up along with shopper approval process.
Enter Truck ID Number. Numbers can be added if approved through CMS by administrator.
Content Management System (CMS)
Technicians, Owners, Purchasing agents, or other parties can be assigned different user permissions to log in and view orders, set order limits, enter company-specific part numbers, as well as make changes to company favorites and company order lists.
Notification Center
Technical Help
In a future update users will be able to access data directly in the app without having to launch the browser window.
Favorites Lists
My Favorites
Company Favorites
User cannot unfavorite Company Favorites. Product Detail screen will be the same except Company Favorites do not show as a gold star. It remains gray unless tapped to add to My Favorites.
Adding a Company List to an order
Tab Bar
add new truck
In a future update, we will add notifications from Prophet21 on order status with the option for users to be texted status updates.
First version release, we will have push notifications sent to users who have not submitted orders by 3pm.
This is your last call for will call
tap star to add to Favorites list, star will change to gold when added.
tap to add to cart
Product Search
screen will scroll; swipe to delete
Favorite state. Click again to remove. (returns to gray)
category selected
My Favorites are added by the user tapping the star on a product detail screen
Company Favorites are fetched from CMS; admin of CMS sets Company Favorites.
Company Orders are complete order lists for"1-click" shopping designated by admin of CMS.
install list >
install list
Company Order Lists (for one click ordering)
order history
Only 1 truck number per order will be allowed
CMS - have an optional field where our customers can input their own part numbers for their shopping lists.
Administrator of the CMS could go in and set caps on item quantities, or make certain product categories off-limits for owners who desire to limit ordering by their technicians.
vendor ad space that will be managed by us
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