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Wolf of Wall Street

No description

mirte van der zee

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street
Jordan Belfort
Realy impressed about is lifestory

Event and product
Facts and promotion
Jordan now

True story about Jordan Belfort
known by different actions
Where did it start?
Born the 19th of July
already a salesman when he was a child
Fist he went to "Baltimore College of Dental Surgery"
His first company was bankrupt in 1987
"Stratton Oakmont"
He eard $ 50 million per year
Partner Donny Azoff
the "Pump and Dump" scam
daily motivational speeches
He created loyalty
"Do not hang up the phone until the costumer buys of dies"
Belfort was flooded with money
Got involved by a few accidents
break-up with his second wife
22 months of prison
defrauded more that 1500 people
repay $ 1104 million
get inspired by Tommy Chong
Martin Scorsese made a movie about Jordan’s life The wolf of Wall Street 2013

Leonardo Dicaprio Jordan Belfort
Jonah Hill Donnie Azoff
Margot Robbie Naomie Lapaglia
Mattew McConaughey Mark Hanna

The movie was filmed in New York, New Jersey & harrison
Tommy chong told Jordan had to write a book about his story.
The Wolf of Wall Street & Catching the Wolf of Wall Street
My opinion
Event and Product
Jordan now
He pulled his life back together
A new company in sales-training
Jordan travels all around the world
I don’t regret what have done at all!
inspire things Jordan said in his interviews
He is now living in LA California
Close by his children "Chandler and Carter"
The big question
he will never be a poor man.
Facts and Promo
coach by Jordan
prothestic penis
vitamin B
Bus stop
Social media
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