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My Family Tree

My family from India and Ireland.

Maryel Likhite

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of My Family Tree

My Family Tree Vishwanath Narayan Likhite
Born: Poona, India, 1901
Lived: Elgin, Illinois
Work: A professor of Botany Vimalabia Munje
Born: Nagpur, India, 1910
Lived: Elgin, Illinois
Work: Homemaker Vinay Vishwanath Likhite
Born: Nagpur, India, 1932
Lives: Plattsburgh, New York
Work: Scientist, researcher Fern Elizabeth Cottrell
Born: Irma, Wisconsin, 1933
Lives: Plattsburgh, New York
Work: Doctor Tony Vilas Likhite
Born: Chicago, Illinois, 1963
Lives: Jericho, Vermont
Work: Computer Programer Alicia Katherine Wright
Born: Burlington, Vermont, 1971
Lives: Jericho, Vermont
Work: Management Program Analyst Mary Elizabeth Likhite
Born:Burlington, Vermont, 1998
Lives: Jericho, Vermont Katherine Anastacia Likhite
Born: Burlington, Vermont, 2001
Lives: Jericho, Vermont Arba Barnabus Cottrell
Born: Irma, Wisconsin, 1907
Lived: Irma, Wisconsin
Work: Farmer, electrician, made items in a sugar house Florence Gwendowlyn Summerton
Born: Irma, Wisconsin, 1910
Lived: Irma, Wisconsin
Work: Farmer, surveyor, school bus driver. Micheal Anthony Wright
Born: Detriot, Michigan, 1943
Lives: Essex Junction, Vermont
Work: Management at IBM Mary Ellen Collins
Born: St. Albans, 1943
Lives: Essex Junction, Vermont
Work: Nurse William Joseph Wright
Born: Rumford, Maine, 1901
Lived: Fairfax, Vermont
Work: Farmer, Mason in Detroit Anastacia Zoë Pilon
Born: Sudbury, Ontario, 1910
Lived: Fairfax, Vermont
Work: Cook Owen George Collins
Born: West Berkshire, Vermont, 1904
Lived: Fairfax, Vermont
Work: Farmer. Imogene Katherine Roddy
Born: Sheldon, Vermont, 1909
Lives: Fairfax, Vermont
Work: Farmer's wife.
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