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Pigmy Marmoset

No description

Zac Hamilton

on 15 February 2015

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Transcript of Pigmy Marmoset

Currently, pygmy marmosets are not endangered but are listed as a species of special concern. Loss of habitat due to human destruction is a major threat to this species, as well as the pet trade.

Is it an endangered animal?
The Pygmy Marmoset fits into the area of the second level feeders in the Amazon food web. They are herbivores that mainly feed on tree sap.
Where does it fit into the food chain?
About 83% of the Pygmy Marmoset population live in packs of two to nine individuals. Each pack includes a dominant male, a breeding female and about four successive litters of offspring.
Baby Teenager
Life Cycle
The Pigmy Marmoset is native to rain forests of the western Amazon Basin in South America. It is generally found in evergreen forests and river edge forests.
Pygmy Marmoset
By Zac Hamilton El-Aquil
So Cute its playing with her hair! :)
Wiki Answers
Rare Species Conservatory Foundation
By Zac Hamilton
The babies are born live with fur.
They reach maturity at 1 to 1-5 years of age.
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