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About EZ-Trailers Inc., problems and importance.

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on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of About EZ-Trailers Inc., problems and importance.

EZ Trailers Inc.
Analysis: Results
Analysis : Approach


Group 9

Amal A.Rahim
Arsh Bhatia
Chuan Qiao
Muhammad Rafi Siddique
Mohammad Tausif
Noor Al-Rafi

EZ-Trailers Inc.

About EZ-Trailers Inc., problems and importance.


Schedule production for the next two months.

Priority 1 : Satisfy existing orders for the EZ-250 for March and April

Priority 2 : Satisfying existing orders for the EZ-190 for March and April

Priority 3 : Limit labor fluctuations from month to month; difference of at most 1000.

Problems and Importance

EZ Trailers, Inc., manufactures of a variety general-purpose trailers including a complete line of boat trailers.

Two best-selling boat trailers are EZ-190 and EZ-250

Analysis : Methodology

Analysis: Additional Requirements
Goal programming with multiple objectives

Satisfy goals in a priority sequence

Can pursue second-priority goals without reducing the optimal values found for the first-priority goals
Identify decision variables

State objective function

Set constraints

Ensure non-negativity

Setup problem in excel

Solve using solver
Priority 1:
Priority 2:
Priority 3:
Demand data:
EZ-190: Requires 4 hours of production time
EZ-250: Requires 6 hours of production time
Ending inventory from February of 200 units of EZ-190 and 300 units of EZ-250
6300 hours of production time used in February
Schedule production for the next two months for EZ-190 and EZ-250
While satisfy the given priorities and constraints
Restate problem
Optimal solution found using goal programming
Should continue to use this model for future optimal results
Objective Function:
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