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Micro Organisims

Partner Assignment

Caelan. De Jager

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Micro Organisims

By Caelan De Jager and
Lachlan Trew Micro-Organisms 1. A micro organism is a life form that you can only see under a device called a microscope.

2. These life forms need to do everything we do such as eat, drink, have to get rid of waste and reproduce. What is a Micro organism? What are the conditions that a Micro Organism needs to survive

To survive a micro organism needs the following:air,water, the right temperature and food. In lots of ways they are like us. THANK YOU

1. when you put yeast into bread it makes it rise by producing co2 this is because of the micro organisms.

2. What does yoghurt actually have in it? yoghurt is made of plenty of microbes it is made of boiled milk and a special bacteria.. What is the role that Micro
Organisms have in food? What is the role of
micro organisms in
medicine? The role of micro organisms in medicine
is quite substantial we inject small doses of virus's as a defense against that disease.

1.Such as small pox. Small Pox is a disease that got eradicated by using cow pox. Cow Pox is basically small pox but less deadly this is how they eradicated Small Pox. What is a Micro Organism.

What does a Micro organism
need to survive.

What is the role that Micro
Organisms have in food.

What does Micro Organisms
have todo with medicine. This is a injection needle this is bacteria this is yeast
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