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Indian/Pakistan Migration during mid 1900's

No description

Adrian Velasquez

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Indian/Pakistan Migration during mid 1900's

Indian/Pakistan Migration during mid 1900's Indian Migration The most important thing about Indian migration is how many people have migrated because of India's large population. Male Indians voluntary migrated at this time towards the United Kingdom because they would be able to work, live, hold offices, and vote due to India being a British commonwealth a few decades before. Push factors for Indians included religion[cultural] between Hinduism and Islam, and poor poverty[economic]. Pull factors included better quality of life[economic], freedom of religion[cultural], and an attractive climate[environmental]. Pakistan Migration Gravity Model Most Indians choose to move to
North America despite Europe being
closer because of a more
democratic and free government. Intervening Obstacles Attitude towards Immigrant The most important thing about Pakistan migration is that Pakistan was previously a part of British India, so the commonwealth rules applied to those immigrants of Pakistan to the United Kingdom and the United States, along with similar push and pull factors. Immigrants in the United Kingdom and the United States have occasionally been treated racist or have had their religion disrespected. To the UK To the US To the UK To the US Other Information In Indian and Pakistan migration, lots of Indians and Pakistani ans migrate through relatives and friends that live in that particular destination which is chain migration. India has been known for a destination of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Sources Wikipedia
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