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rain forest

about the red eyed tree frog

susan imperato

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of rain forest

habitat diet fun facts predator
physical characteristics life cycle Red eyed tree frog by Nick I. tree frog's diet relies on almost all of the rain forests bugs like
but not ants
but it eats misquitoes
tree frogs don't eat caterpillers beacuse most are poison
they also eat spiders. tree frogs spend most of thier lives in trees. they even lay eggs in trees
the female frog GLUES her eggs to the underside of a leaves that hangs over water.
when the tadpoles hatch they drop from the leaf into the water and grw into healthy frogs. red eyed tree frogs lay 50 to 100 eggs per time!
before daylight returns the red eyed tree frog finds a hiding spot and flatens its self out like a leaf!
babys are about the size of three jelly beans! red eyed tree frogs can jump up to 3 feet
in the air. a red eyed tree frog's real name is Ancaldais
when disturbed it shows its bright red eyes to scare away enemies.
the red eyed tree frog also lives in Southern Mexico.

they also live in Mexico now wich means the species is expanding. the red eyed tree frog's main predetor is the boa constrictor
sometimes bats stumble upon a red eyed dinner.
some birds will eat red eyed tree frogs if they come across them.
you can buy red eyed tree frogs for just $45. that is not good for them.
another name for red eyed tree frog is monkey frog the red eyed tree frog lives in the rain forest.
red eyed tree frogs live in the canopy layer of the rain forest
they don't need to come to water becauce the air is so moist. the female is only 2 inches but the male is 3 inches long
if the red eyed tree frog senses danger theycan see through their closed eyelids
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